• This Week in the Realm | August 19-25


    Happy Monday, Champions!

    • Did you catch our Update show last week? If not, check out all the content coming to the Realm in the Upcoming Pirate's Treasure Update in the Update Notes.
    • Our Public test server for Pirate's Treasure is live now! Learn how to get involved in early testing here.
    • Hi-Rez Expo 2019 and the Paladins World Championship is right around the corner! Have you picked up your tickets yet?
    • Are you going to Dragon Con? We are too! Stay posted for details about our meetup later on this week!


    • Mid Day | PTS Update #1 was released. Check out all the changes here in the Update Notes.


    • 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Atlas, Dredge, Maeve, Io
    • 7PM CEST [1PM ET] | gamescom After Party at Rheinloft Cologne! We’ll be returning to Rheinloft Cologne on Wednesday, August 21st, to host an unforgettable night of giveaways, swag and gaming powered by Alienware, SteelSeries and DXRacer. Get all the details here!

    Weekly Wisdom with @Neco : Familiarize yourself with the maps you play to ensure you're never caught by surprise. Knowing certain paths through the map can provide insight as to where your opponents may be attacking from.

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  • RE: Pirate's Treasure PTS Update Notes

    @HeadKillerXD said in Pirate's Treasure PTS Update Notes:

    @Molly Strix can get ultimate charge by shooting shields or deployables with card

    Yeup! Known and a fix is in progress!

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  • RE: Pirate's Treasure PTS Update Notes

    @U1321842590 said in Pirate's Treasure PTS Update Notes:

    @Molly i thought that vivian bug was intended, and can it be changed to kills with talon rifle as well?

    Definitely a strange one, but not something we intended!

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  • Pirate's Treasure PTS Update Notes

    **Anything with the [Live] tag was an issue also seen in live.

    PTS Update #3 | August 22, 2019

    • [King of the Hill] Fixed an issue where players could change Talents and Loadouts mid match on Snowfall Junction and Trade District.
    • [Live][Siege][King of the Hill] Fixed an issue where sometimes players would see the capture point glowing blue instead of red when an enemy is capping the point.
    • [UI] Fixed an issue when in queue and creating loadouts, the UI for timer and loadout name would overlap.
    • [Androxus] Fixed an issue where Androxus would use 40% Ult Charge immediately upon activating Ultimate.
    • [Frog Isle] Updated missing textures on old Frog Isle map.
    • Fixed an issue where the players could unlock the Battle Pass Plus Challenge title without doing challenges.
    • [KOTH] Fixed an issue where Players can damage and kill themselves in the Trade District and Snowfall Junction spawn areas.
    • Made a few adjustments to the Profile UI.
    • [Ying] Ying's Death Speaker weapon effects are now the correct color in lobby
    • [UI] Reduced space in Strix Talon Rifle long description.
    • Updated Ability descriptions for localization & clarity.
    • Made adjustments for clarity on the description for Koga's Shadow Step & Skewer.

    PTS Update #2 | August 21, 2019

    • [Strix] Fixed an issue where Roost would proc on shields and deployables.
    • [Gyro][Aim Assist] Option to Disable Aim Assist while Gyro is active still displays and can be toggled when Gyro is Disabled
    • [King of the Hill] Fixed an issue where no in-match music played outside of initial map load-in music.
    • [Live][Io][Ying] Addressed an unintended interaction between Ying's Fracture Card and Io.
    • [UI] Updated placeholder numbers in the top navigation bar for custom icons.
    • Addressed capitalization errors on a few buttons on the Champion screen.
    • Updated Ability description typos and BP Challenges.
    • Updated Ability descriptions for localization & clarity.
    • [Battle Pass] Addressed an issue where the midway tab text showed text from a previous Battle Pass.
    • Removed remaining Champion names from skin names. No more "Omega Sha Lin Sha Lin" in the loading screen.
    • [Champion] Addressed an issue where Zhin was invisible in several places in the UI.
    • [Kinessa] Fixed an incorrect description for Transporter.

    PTS Update #1 | August 19, 2019



    • Reduced the amount of Ultimate charge generated by Strix's Roost card from {2|2}% to {1|1}%.


    • [Audio] Fixed an issue where Drogoz's default ult travel sound was not playing.
    • [UI] Fixed an issue where the Back/Social/Settings buttons were hidden while using gamepad.
    • [UI] Added an 'A' key callout on gamepad to Champion->Skills Advanced and Talents buttons.
    • [UI] Added text scaling to the Champion->Overview lore section to address localization issues.
    • [Live][Khan][Ascension Peak] Fixed an issue where Khan did not deal damage to enemies when Ulting and throwing players at railing near base on Ascension Peak.
    • [Io] Optimized Io's target updating for moonlight and modified the one second grace to only forgive line-of-sight loss due to object occlusion.
    • [Ruckus] Addressed issues with redirector.
    • [Drogoz] Ultimate is not properly sound balanced across all of his skins.
    • [Kinessa] Addressed a few issues with her Clocking emote and Eagle Eye skin.
    • [UI] Addressed issues with text box size that were causing problems in localized versions.
    • [Vivian] (Buckle up, this is a weird one.) Fixed an issue where allies of Full Throttle Vivian hear a male voice actor say "I missed you" in a seductive voice when she ulted. You're welcome.
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  • UPCOMING: Pirate's Treasure Update Notes

    Yo ho and a bottle of.... Crystals! Set sail in the Pirate's Treasure Update! ☠


    alt text

    Ahoy, Mateys! We’re launching the new Pirate’s Treasure Pass: Get ready to set sail!

    • The Shore Patrol Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Patch 7 – Pirate’s Treasure
    • The Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of Pirate’s Treasure, and is scheduled to end in early November.

    Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Pirate’s Treasure experience as soon as Pirate’s Treasure is released, leveling up from 1 to 50. Battle Pass purchasers unlock premium rewards every level, along with the free track rewards, and gain exclusive access to Battle Pass Plus!

    The Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can unlock up to 150 Crystals through the Battle Pass, reducing the cost to 450 Crystals. Level up with faster by completing challenges, and unlock up to 8 Epic Champions skins!

    Dive into this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a quick purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels! You can start playing with the Pirate Io, Pirate Ruckus, and Pirate Maeve skins right away!

    The Battle Passport costs 1500 Crystals, saving you over 1000 Crystals!


    alt text

    The Onslaught queue will now feature a new King of the Hill variant, with new maps. Compete to capture a moving objective, while fighting off the opposing team!

    • 15-minute game mode
    • Point moves every 1:30s


    Split 5 Rewards

    Win 5 Games

    • Gold Chest

    Win 25 Games

    • Limited Avatar, Reckoning
      alt text

    Ranked Map Rotation

    Each split, maps will either be in the active or reserved map pool. Reserved maps will not appear while playing ranked during that split. Each new split will see some maps rotated between the active and reserved pools. For Split 5, Stone Keep will be rotating into the active map pool, and Frozen Guard will be rotating out.

    Active Maps

    • Bazaar
    • Ascension Peak
    • Warder’s Gate
    • Jaguar Falls
    • Fish Market
    • Shattered Desert
    • Brightmarsh
    • Serpent Beach
    • Splitstone Quarry
    • Stone Keep

    Reserved Maps

    • Frog Isle
    • Ice Mines
    • Timber Mill
    • Frozen Guard

    As usual, you can check out the full Update Notes over on Paladins.com!

    The Pirate's Treasure Update is expected to go live on all platforms the week of September 11th.

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  • Paladins PTS is Live! - Pirate's Treasure

    Hello all!

    PTS is up with the Pirate’s Treasure patch. The build you will want to be on for now is 2.10.3342.0. You can download the patch by going to the Paladins page on Steam and selecting the “Click here to install Public Test Server” button just below the cool videos and images: https://store.steampowered.com/app/444090/Paladins/

    Please use the #report-a-pts-bug channel to report any bugs you find in PTS! Thank you so much for participating in the Public Test Server! You can find the discord at https://discord.gg/paladinsgame!

    Currently known major issues with PTS Build 2.10.3342.0:

    • Zhin is invisible in several places in the menus (he is visible in matches!)
    • Battle Pass Challenges are currently not progressing
    • Visual issues with Battle Pass acquisitions
    • No in-map music plays during King of the Hill after the beginning of the match
    • Some models on the home screen
    • Various other minor issues

    More items may be added to this list as they arise. Please report issues and we will work on getting them fixed! Thank you so much!

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  • This Week in the Realm | August 12 - 18


    Happy Monday, Champions, it's Update Show week!

    • Last Friday night, the Evil Mojo team released a hotfix for an exploit. You should no longer see instances of this in your games. We have taken action against players who abused this issue.
    • Last Wednesday, the team released a hotfix on all platforms, fixing a few issues we saw pop up in live and enabling Io in Ranked queues. Check out everything we fixed here!


    • 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Makoa, Drogoz, Maeve, Io 🦊
    • 12 PM ET | Pirate's Treasure Update Show. Tune in on Mixer!



    • Afternoon | Estimated release date for the Pirate's Treasure PTS

    Weekend Event

    It's a great time to introduce your friends to Paladins! Jump right in and enjoy All Champions Unlocked & Double BP XP!

    Weekly Wisdom with @Neco : Keep getting surprised by Champions engaging you suddenly out of stealth? Can't find that pesky stealthed flank? Try picking up Illuminate, which increases the area in which a stealthed enemy is revealed.

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  • RE: Confusion about cross-progression.

    Hey! In game names and "gamertags" are not actually something that transfers between platforms with cross-progression, they are unique to the platform you're playing on. What does transfer is all your progression and content.

    So, for example, on PC my in game name is "EvilMojoMolly" and on Switch my name is "MollyBot." Because my accounts are linked, all my Crystals, Gold, Champ levels, and owned content like skins & Champions will be the same on both accounts, the only thing that is different is the name.

    Something to note: Just because of how the platform works, Switch names are not unique, which means that multiple accounts can have the name "Mollybot." On PC, however, names are unique. So there can only be one "EvilMojoMolly" and you'll receive an error message if you tried to name yourself something that is already taken.

    I know that's a lot of info, so let me know if anything I said doesn't make sense.

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  • LIVE: Sun & Moon Hotfix #1 // August 8, 2019

    Good afternoon, Champions!

    This morning we released a hotfix that went live on all platforms with many fixes including enabling Io in ranked mode. Now you can test your power with the moon goddess herself in competitive games online!

    Here is the full list of fixes from today:

    • [Io] Io is now enabled in Ranked Mode
    • [Io] Fixed Io Ult visibility on low particle settings for users
    • [Io] Luna can no longer be spawned into environmental hazards
    • Fixed an issue for Koga where his summer weapons are now playing their tail sounds globally
    • Skins that are direct purchase & in chests, only show Go To Chest button (ex: Mercenary Strix)
    • Fixed an issue where Mixer Store was not displaying prices for some items
    • Disabled Gift Giving Bundle
    • Updated Maeve pounce to lightly carry momentum
    • Addressed an issue that could cause a crash at end of match lobby when using report a player

    Thank you!

    And remember, if you have any bugs you experience in game, please report them to our Report-A-Bug channel on discord!
    Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/paladinsgame

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  • This Week in the Realm | August 5 - 11


    Happy Monday, Champions

    • We're a week away from the next Update Show, so mark your calendars! Tune in to Mixer.com/paladinsgame next Wednesday at 12 Noon ET!
    • Starting Saturday, keep an eye on our social media channels. You may just catch a glimpse of what's to come 😉
    • All eyes will be on Atlanta this November for Hi-Rez Expo 2019 for the Paladins World Championship! Have you picked up your tickets yet?


    • 11:30 AM ET | Trivia Tuesday over on Twitter.com/Paladinsgame. Test your knowledge and if your answer is correct you could earn some in-game goodies!


    • 4 AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Makoa, Drogoz, Koga, Furia


    • All Day | Day with a Dev hosted by Paladins Technical Artist EvilMojoDYNAMO.

    Weekly Wisdom with Paladins Game Designer, @Neco:

    Positioning can make or break contesting an objective. Make sure to keep an eye on your team and move as a group! Sometimes being aware of your support's position can save their lives so that they can return the favor later.

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