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  • RE: the counting thread


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  • RE: the counting thread


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  • RE: the counting thread


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  • RE: the counting thread


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  • RE: the counting thread


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  • RE: the counting thread


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  • Paladins PTS is Live! - Sands of Myth

    Hello all!

    PTS is up with the Sands of Myth patch. The build you will want to be on for now is 3.2.3573.0. You can download the patch by going to the Paladins page on Steam and selecting the “Click here to install Public Test Server” button just below the cool videos and images: https://store.steampowered.com/app/444090/Paladins/

    NOTE: Crystals will not be automatically awarded for logging in to PTS. If you are using PTS on Steam, you will be able to "purchase" Crystals using the Store (using the Steam interface) without expending any actual money. To do this, perform the following actions:

    • Log in to PTS on Steam
    • Select Store
    • Select "Buy Crystals" button
    • Select any bundle on the screen
    • Select Authorize on the window that pops up

    Crystals will be added to your account specifically on PTS. If the HiRez Store pops up instead of a Steam window, DO NOT CONTINUE. We are investigating.

    Please use the #report-a-pts-bug channel to report any bugs you find in PTS! Thank you so much for participating in the Public Test Server! You can find the discord at https://discord.gg/paladinsgame!

    Live issues fixed since Update Show (on top of dozens of bugs fixed related to new content):

    • Fixed an issue where Players who had a piece of Mad Scientist Pip but not the full collection did not see that piece as owned and could not equip it.
      • We have completed Players' collections of Mad Scientist Pip, so if you had only either the skin or the weapon previously, you now have the full collection!
    • Fixed an issue where Drogoz would fire an additional Weapon Shot at the end of Salvo being fired
    • Fixed an issue where Vivian could cancel her Deflector Shield and proc the effect of the Suspect Everyone talent
    • Fixed an issue where Imani could dry-fire Inferno Cannon in certain circumstances
    • Fixed an issue where opening chat on Switch would display a message telling Players to "press Enter to chat"
    • Fixed an issue where Steel Forged Mal'Damba's Mending Spirits audio was too quiet for himself and too loud for allies being healed
    • Fixed an issue where the Scope Sensitivity would always round to a whole number
    • Fixed further issues with the Death Recap UI
    • Fixed various text overlap issues

    Currently known major issues with PTS Build 3.2.3573.0:

    • The following music / SFX sounds are WIP (Work-In-Progress) and are not in for this build:
      • Temple Raider / Emerald Bandit Maeve Ult
      • Temple Raider / Emerald Bandit Maeve Prowl
      • Divine Daughter / High Priestess Ying Ult
      • Various Battle Pass sounds
      • Booster use audio
      • 3D Spray audio
    • Issues with purchasing acquisition notifications (delay, not appearing, doubling)
    • Default Death Card and Sky Rider Death Card are not equippable when the client loads in the Russian Language
    • Various localization issues
    • There is no UI tell to let the Player know how many Commendations they have remaining to give out each day
    • Players' Items Equipped UI when using Centered Ability Bar disappears after dying for the first time
    • Projectiles that pass through enemies do not pass through enemies that they kill
    • Clearing acquisition notifications while on the Battle Pass screen temporarily visually removes icons of the same type from the Battle Pass Track
    • Battle Pass level displays incorrectly when displayed in chat
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