• RE: Paladins Cross-Play Welcomes PlayStation 4!

    @UkobachPeng Yes, You can first create a hi-rez account, then link it with your ps4 account (I don't know did hi rez support this on ps4 or not)

    Edit: and yep we necro'd........

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  • RE: A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1

    @Dusklicious said in A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1:

    I literally laughed at the first Seris bug, You could actually do that? 🤣

    No comment

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  • RE: A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1

    Already found a new bug.

    It's possible to get stuck in VGS. It happened to me while in the Firing Range.

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  • RE: Concept: Carter, The Lost Explorer

    @Demigod said in Concept: Carter, The Lost Explorer:

    Voiceline: Al Malik Hakm! (arabic for "The Kings Judgement may want @DambaKing to correct, since he's a native!")

    That means in arabic "The king is a leader!", so I'd recommend to change it to "Hokm al malik!"

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  • RE: the counting thread


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  • RE: December Rage Thread

    @kr1pteya said in December Rage Thread:

    permaban this mother****** picks torvald just for trolling
    its so much fun to lose in ranked 😄

    I would say don't name and shame, but sounds like this little $#!+ deserves it.

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    Moved to Español.

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  • RE: A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1

    @EvilMojoSrixis said in A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1:

    • Barik
      - Fixed an issue where the One Man’s Scrap card would activate if Barik destroyed his own Turret by placing a third Turret on the map.
    • Khan
      - Fixed an issue where the Shield Wall card was giving the incorrect increased Shield Health card per rank.
    • Mal'Damba
      - Fixed an issue where the second of two Gourds placed on top of the first Gourd to heal the same teammate would not have any effect on that teammate.
    • Pip
      - Fixed an issue where Weapon Shots would heal for 750 instead of 700 with the Combat Medic Talent equipped.
      - Fixed a description error with Pip’s Acrobat’s Trick card.
    • Seris
      - [Live] Fixed an issue where Convergence could pull enemies through the map and kill them on Frog Isle.
      - Fixed an issue with Seris' Restore Soul ability still healing the initial target for 2000 health over 1.5s.
    • Tiberius
      - Fixed an issue where Tiberius' Honed Senses card would grant him Ultimate Charge when using Combat Trance in the Spawn Room before Round Start.
    • Viktor
      > - Fixed an issue where the Guerrilla Warfare card did not function properly.

    Champion Balance


    • Siege Shield
      - Increased shield health 3,500 → 4,250


    • Barricade
      - Increased shield health 3,000 → 3,750
    • Field Deploy
      - Reduced healing {60|60} → {30|30}


    • Shield
      - Increased shield health 5,000 → 5,500


    • Kindle Soul
      - Reduced cooldown 4s → 3s


    • Bulwark
      ** - Increased shield health 3,000* → 4250**


    • Shell Shield
      - Increase shield health 3,000 → 3,750
    • Dredge Anchor
      - Increased cooldown 12s → 15s


    • Blade Dance (Striking Tigron)
      - Reduced damage per dash 750 → 650
      - Increased post-fire timer 0.4s → 0.7s
    • Thank you for unbreaking that card. Seriously, it was SO busted to have all of Barik's abilities on an extremely low cooldown. As a Barik main, yay.
    • Hope that means a low-key buff for Khan?
    • No, no, no... Damba's going to be REALLY broken now... Already was with that bug in the PTS, but now... You just made a SSS character.
    • I didn't even notice the first bug with PTS Pip, but the second one... Very grateful for that fix.
    • I literally laughed at the first Seris bug, You could actually do that? 🤣 Second one, that was definitely needed. Seris heals in PTS were actually a little too good.
    • Schemes in Cardio
    • I'll just do one on all the shield changes. Does this mean you'll buff Wrecker in the future? Also, in Khan's case, it might actually be a decent buff for him.
    • Yay Field Deploy works now and it doesn't have absurd numbers. They still seem a little bit good, have to test it out on PTS.
    • Furia DEFINITELY needed that buff. But is it enough? Maybe, for a Cherish build to sort of function at least. Solar Blessing is still extremely bad.
    • That unexpected massive hook nerf. Well, rejoice because Koa might actually SUCK now for the first time in the history of the GAME. 😄 Yeah, how does it feel to be low tier, turtle? Like how it felt to play Barik after the OB50 some Archi nerf, huh (but honestly, he wasn't even that bad then, I could STILL style on people, so)?
    • Tiberius ult was WAY too strong the way it was in PTS, so that was definitely needed.

    Also, please do something about the VGS change. It's awful.

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  • RE: A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1

    Why not nerf dog'S base health (Bulldozer was nerfed so the dog needs to be nerfed too.

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  • RE: The Champion DECKS Guide

    @Demigod said in The Champion DECKS Guide:

    @Dusklicious Formidable without Towering Barrier? Kinda odd if u ask me

    I was going to make a Towering Barrier version with Dire Need, but for some reason I just didn't.

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