• Important info about stand-alone launcher

    Heads up Champions!

    The team has begun work to retire the stand-alone Paladins launcher, and players still using this launcher will begin to see in-game notifications of this starting on December 7. We suggest that players still using the stand-alone client move to Steam or Epic and link your accounts at https://my.hirezstudios.com/ to carry over all of your progress. We're targeting early 2021 to phase out support for the stand-alone launcher and will be sure to let you know in advance before this change happens.


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  • RE: Dusklicious for AoC 2021

    @TTraw said in Dusklicious for AoC 2021:

    I personally never bother with starting for AoC because I feel like it is more of a popularity contest rather than contest based on what certain AoC member could provide, but if I happen to vote at all you might be one of my candidates.

    Yeah I get that sense too... But even then it gets, something, out there even if I (frankly likely) won't make the cut for it (Already know there's an ex-PPC player, an ex-PPL player, a decently well-known artist, and a few official discord mods in the running) that still means something I suppose. To be honest part of this is just funneling my disappointment with last year's AoC into something more constructive than posting another post with the gist of "ughhh they didn't just suggest something that makes zero sense again" in the rage thread.

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  • RE: Help newbie

    Unfortunately, there are currently problems with free skins. You have to wait for the developers to fix it.

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  • RE: November Rage Thread

    @M3RC3N4RI0 said in November Rage Thread:

    @HeartQueen said in November Rage Thread:

    The issue on balancing tanks is that they nerfed shields, wrecker, cauterize, and barely nerfed support healing. So the sustain meta was more like "if the support is good, the tank is invincible, if not, tough shit for the tank." So they started trying to add more shields to tanks so they can sustain better without a support. The issue now is similar to when they buffed supports again after the cauterize nerf, where wrecker barely does anything to their shields. I do think an hp buff is better than a shield buff for right now. However, I do understand your point. Like most people think that an HP buff for Barik is going to cut it. Like when his cards are so shit, wtf is an hp buff from 3,400-->3,600 actually going to do?

    They nerfed support healing. A good healer reached 10K heal-per-minute once.

    And they still can now. I'm not good at supp and I've reached it a couple of times. I've actually seen 12k heals/min on supps some games. Heck I've seen a Pip get that high even not too long ago.

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  • RE: November Happy Thread

    My first leadership commendation goes to this Inara... She made the left/right calls up front and did a good job flanking with us. They never stood a chance (no bots either).


    lol, they were a 5 stack.. Guess they can't blame anyone then.


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  • Dusklicious for AoC 2021

    Hey, so I did this thing to announce my run (even though I already had twice beforehand) and telling you why you should vote for me for AoC 2021.

    I am the top poster on these forums as well as a very new very small-time Paladins YouTuber (8 subs as of posting, woo) whatever that means to anyone outside of here and the six people (as of posting) on my Discord. Nonetheless I still have plenty of experience to fall back on when it comes to specific things (I've still played this game for over 2k hours according to Steam). I guess I'm probably the "everyperson" compared to everyone else running, but ehh whatever.

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  • RE: November Happy Thread

    Update show is this week apparently. 😄

    Hopefully they make at least a few of the following things happen:

    • Barik buffs (preferably done right and not just slapping 400 extra max HP on him, AoC).
    • Wrecker/Bulldozer buff (30/35% per rank should be about right imho).
    • Barrier Reef nerf (preferably in the form of a rework).
    • ^If they do this, also buff Makoa's base kit a tiny bit. (Maybe buff his cannon's damage back up slightly?)
    • Unstable Fissure buff (Would be nice to see that be a good talent for once).
    • ^ If they do this they need to fix Atlas' damage output that they buffed a little too much as I was worried about.
    • Veteran rework (hopefully make it something that makes it not garbage).
    • Nerf Corvus' Spreading Influence and buff/retool Dark Gifts (make it less spread out on its stats and buff it).
    • Torvald Rework, or at least adjustments to his kit to prepare for it so we can see it happening. (Bonus points if they reintroduce Alternating Current).
    • Strix Fire Rate and Nessa Steady Aim nerfs (Strix fire rate could go down to a total 1.35s while Steady Aim's duration is way too long)
    • Nerf Aegis a bit (even after Wrecker buffs, yes), but buff Formidable (internal CD for now?) and buff the Incinerate card (they can also make his fireball an in-hand).
    • Terminus siphon nerfs. (Necromantic Might's scaling is stupid as f*** just saying).
    • Another Androxus Cursed Revolver fall-off nerf since his last one did next to nothing.
    • Sha'Lin Sand Trap nerf (thinking maybe a reduction in cripple time if not directly hit).
    • Nerfing Zhin in some way (Nerfing Perfect Block might be a start but surely not a finish).
    • Nerfing Ash's Indomitable, Siege Engine, and Brawl cards (not too much, just a little).


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