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  • RE: Some changes to make the game less frustrating

    All Supports should have their healing buffed three hundred percent. The last couple of nights, while playing Team Deathmatch, a teammate's Support was working on overdrive and could not heal the team fast enough. All of the time, while I was at one end of each map and they were at the other, their heals could never reach me. Luckily, if I didn't manage to self -heal (slap on a bandage), I would have died more often.

    And speaking about self-healing, can be buffed two hundred percent, or at least nerf the power of all character's autofire weapons? Man, I hate having to rely on another person to not die in a game.

    No one hundred people will agree on the same buffs and nerfs of every Champion. That is a fact.

    Our game is alive and ever changing. It will always change.

    Seriously, I do believe the strengths and weaknesses of each character is always changing to suit new characters, new maps snd new challenges. And I also believe that it is up to the players to figure out how to work with those changes via the characters they play and how they play with their teams. Once we get used to how a favorite character works, don't get used to it as it may change with new additions to the game. I've seen teams with the "strongest" characters lose and the teams with the "weakest" chgaracters win. And I've seen it reversed. What made the difference? The players, you and me. How we played and interacted with our teammates. How we communicated. And our personal skill and ecperience with out characters and their roles within the game.

    I may be in the minority, or even the only person who believes this, but we are the balance.

    We are the balance.

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  • RE: Little pip rework idea

    @Radioxyss said in Little pip rework idea:

    May you know or dont know but pip is one of the worst healers in game ( looking at heal ability, not everything )
    I thing i know how to change it
    Pip instead of 1 potion would have more potions ( 5-8 ) regenerating every 4-5 seconds and healing 500-750 hp with smaller blast.
    I thing it could make pip even stronger than jenos.

    Your idea is almost identical to Combat Medic 🤔

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  • RE: Cancer champions

    @Borvik said in Cancer champions:

    Torvald isn't on this list? 😂

    He's a creeper.
    You never remember how annoying Field Study is until you're staring down the barrel of a Talus running up on you with a 2k shield and a ridiculous buff.

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  • RE: Cancer champions

    @Radioxyss said in Cancer champions:

    @Conrad_Max yep, but i have to admit that in this weeks i had such a good team mates, that talks in chat etc.
    saying gg
    picking tanks, healers in quick plays
    This is the best paladins year ^^

    Recently I had three consecutive Siege games where our team did all of the above (that I had mentioned). The first two games were very good and which we had won. With the third game, we were against a team that quite obviously were playing as a fully cohesive team. That game went on a long time with both teams attacking and countering equally. I don't remember which team eventually won, but it didn't really matter. That game was more than just good. It was a very challenging and fun match. Whether we won or lost it was a great battle and was very enjoyable. One of the best in my Paladins career.

    A match can be great when both teams are good no matter the outcome.

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  • RE: Cancer champions

    The only "cancer" are players who don't understand that this is a team based game and if we want more consistant wins we must know our roles, communicate more, strategize and learn to work together in spite of our differing play styles and language barriers.

    We can have the most powerful characters in the game, but that may not help us when we face teams with the qualities listed above.

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  • RE: Pirate's Treasure PTS Update Notes


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  • RE: Pirate's Treasure PTS Update Notes

    @Molly Please say there is video footage of this somewhere? I would do anything to hear this! 😂

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  • RE: the counting thread

    @Apaxel 14392

    She's not bad, as for any champion, it's personal preference! Give her a shot for yourself and see! ^_^

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  • RE: About Cross play, and emails.

    I believe you would be able to, it's not about the emails, it's about the linked accounts done through the HiRez website. So you can link your Switch account to a HiRez account, and the same with PS4.

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  • RE: Pip Mad Scientist Skin

    I had an idea about this skin the other day. It would be a fantastic incentive for donations when HiRez do their fantastic Charity Streams. Not sure how it would work, but I'd 100% donate any amount in turn for getting the one skin I want.

    I don't have any friends that want to play Paladins on PS4 that don't already, so at this point, it's impossible for me to ever get the skin and I've just accepted it at this point.

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