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  • RE: skip POTG?

    I personally find the Play of the Game entertaining, and it gives me a moment to take a short break and prep for the next match.

    I wonder, if there was an option to skip it, would some players not learn to improve by skipping it? Or would it cause a not needed programming headache?

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  • RE: Champion overview: Fernando

    I don't like sharing the the idea of a "main", but feel that I must. Fernando is my main. He is the character that I have levelled up the fastest and the most. And I state this, I am great playing as Fernando and better than most.

    Now, problems arise when other members of a team forget to, or choose not to, work as a comprehensive team. No character is meant to be stronger than all of the others, and this is true with my main. Each character has to rely on the other members of the team in order to survive and win any match.

    I've withnessed many a Fernando running around playing as a Damage or Flank and pretty much staying away from the objectives (capture point, payload and goal). Pretty much not doing their job in protecting the objectives and their teammates.

    Fernando does not need to be touched by development. What he needs are teammates willing to back himself up, and each other up.

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  • RE: Is it just me or is pretty much every automatic weapon weirdly overpowered?

    "Overpowered" as compared to what? Real life weapons? Other games? Are they really "overpowered" if it takes more bullets to kill a character than it would do to kill a real person?

    Depending on how each of us handles a character, even the same character, we can go through a match having never died or dying each minute, having a ton of kills or no kills at all or getting thge most credits and points while still bring the worst contributing player in that match.

    Basically, as we look around the forum, people will complain that the same character or weapon needs to be buffed, nerfed, left untouched or removed. With that said, what we need is for each character to wear fully effect and functioning body-armor.

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  • Game Surprises

    A few days ago I was using Viktor in Team Deathmatch and wss, as is normal, killed. My assault rifle went flying and my body was in a crumpled heap. Surprisingly, my helmet had been knocked off. And I had a bonus surprise. Viktor's unhelmeted head was (gasp) hairless. Viktor was bald!

    He looked like Yul Brenner.

    I was so surprised and cracking up that I forgot to capture the image.

    Has anyone else had funny or surprising moments in the game?

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  • RE: koga

    @U1222201596 Yeah he pretty much hard counters Tyra unless the person playing him is a bot. Koga was a LOT worse before, at launch he had a infinite ammo talent and later on his claws were over buffed to a point that using his guns was basically throwing lol, he's been toned down a bit since then but the overpowered and highly spammable dash is still untouched for some reason. Get stuns or cripples like Tyra's molotov to counter him because if not then he'll mop the floor with you

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  • RE: Don't let braindeadness prevail.

    @Nero-di-seppia: "Paladins ain't competitive, it's a chill casual game... I don't say that it's stupid, easy or noskill, absolutely, the game is still about team work and strategy, I'm just saying that it's not a competitive, skill based fps like the paladins from 2017."

    That is a matter of personal opinion. It may not be competative for you and others, but it is competative for me and others - in my opinion.

    I am done here as my opinions have created some excitement and may be derailing. Let's get back on track.

    Be seeing you. Ciao!

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  • RE: Don't let braindeadness prevail.

    @Nero-di-seppia, let me clarify my opinion for you. I still find the game fun and competative. Me. I know other people do, too.

    With that said, there are players who would agree with you whole heartedly.

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  • RE: Don't let braindeadness prevail.

    I disagree. Paladins is still fun and competative for me.

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  • RE: ps4 voicechat bug

    @Redphillipp, I've noticed that Team Voice Chat doesn't work during Casual games, but does work on Ranked. Or, at least, the mic indicator flashes in Ranked. Have you tried using Party Chat with your friends?

    Being able to fully communicate and strategize with your team, whether in Cashal or Ranked, is very important in this gsme if we want to improve our chances of wiining matches. Hopefuul this will be addressed and resolved.

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  • RE: Addressing Strix

    Hyuga was getting opinions on Twitter about whether Strix's rifle should be projectile with bullet drop which I think is a good way to balance him without making him obsolete.

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