• RE: I just came back after being away for 6 months

    @Cryser211125, what glitches? Honestly, I rarely experience any tech issues. The biggest problem I encounter are the players who cannot work, or refuse to work, as part of a cohesive team.

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  • RE: October Rage Thread

    I want the return of team voice chat to casual games.

    We have it in ranked games. But, in most of the ranked games I play, the players are worse than the players in casual. I talk to strategize in ranked games and everyone is silent. Occasionally I'll hear breathing or the tapping of a keyboard or controller. And usually, no one discusses strategy.

    In casual, I'll hastilly tap out a strategy and about half the time my teammates will comply.

    Bring back Team Voice Chat in Casual. Please.

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  • RE: Limited skins

    @HeartQueen said in Limited skins:

    Limited skins don't make sense financially. You're cutting off a potential revenue stream just to make a group of people feel superior.

    Who feels "superior"? Do you feel "superior" when using a limited skin? Limited skins are no more than having a nice set of clothes. And limited skins in a free game do not have to be worth anything financially other than a simple reward to the player who took the time to get it.

    Many games over the years have rewarded limited skins and items at no cost to the player, other than time and commitment. This "argument" has been around since the first free or cost limited skin or item was introduced. And with a free to play game, with no gun pressed at the player's head, why is there a problem?

    If a limited skin (with no benificial advantage) was available for free for a short time, what is your (and anyone else's reason) to complain?

    Last night I played against someone who was at a higher level than me and who was using the same limited skin as I was. He played well, but I played better. His team put up a good fight. But they lost because I was a better player than he was. And I had a good team.

    You wear Converse and I wear Nikes.

    In a battle, I'll never give up. In this "discussion", I quit. Be seeing you. Ciao!

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  • RE: PLEASE re-add 3rd person!.

    @Prudex said in PLEASE re-add 3rd person!.:

    Please add 3rd person back I want to play paladins not overwatch or apex I don't like first person...I think you all will do more if you all seem different from overwatch

    How will 3rd Person benefit you? How will 1st person be bad for you?

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  • RE: Limited skins

    If a player acquires a skin at level 50, then it is not a limited skin. That is just a basic achievement for reaching a level.

    Limited skins have been, and can be, awarded for a limit time for purchase, winning or earning. If we choose not to any of those, that is on us and not the developer. If we cannot find or make the time, if we choose not to buy the skin for a free to play game, that is on us.

    There is nothing go feel bad about.

    Additionally, occasionally Hi-Rez will support a charity and reward those who contribute with a limited skin. If we choose not to donate, that is on us.

    Limied skins are just that: Limited. It means that though can all get them, not everyone will do what is necessary to get them.

    Why gripe?

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  • RE: Limited skins

    Limited skins are a nice way to make a player's character unique. And if a player is good, people find it easier to remember you and look forward to playing with you again. The only "drawback" is if you are a bad player with a limited skin, people may also remember you.

    Limited skins allows players to be unique and offer a more personalized "dressing up".

    I enjoy my limited skins and have no anger or jealousy of others with limited skins, whether I have them or not. As in real life, I enjoy having something unique and have no issue with others who may have the same thing.

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  • RE: What happened to the iOS HiRez games?

    @BrollyLSSJ said in What happened to the iOS HiRez games?:

    Since the update to ios 14 I cannot login anymore. Server is not reachable. Is that a coincidence or did the login servers got shut down?

    I'm having the same issue. The servers have very likely shut down and the game is no more. Also, a few mornings ago I had posted a message in the game lobby and ten hours later it was still there.

    I believe the game is no more. But, as a precaution, I will wait a week before deleting the game.

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  • RE: September Rage Thread

    @Dusklicious, yesterday players kept spamming "Get the point" - paraphrased - and pretty much avoided the point. There I was, as a Frontline, with minimal to zero help. Needless to say, most matches (Seige) were losses. If this keeps happening, I may be forced to bring out my keyboard.

    Due to circumstances, I don't have my keyboard. But as I've always stated, communication, and team strategy, leads to more consistant wins.

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    @sancarullo, podemos usar un teclado para escribir nuestro chat. Lo he hecho mientras estaba en el punto de generación al comienzo de cada partida y mientras esperaba reaparecer. Creo que tienes que presionar ENTER, pero no estoy seguro. Tuvimos un incendio y nos quedaremos en la casa de alguien más. No tengo mi teclado porque no quiero desplazar a las personas con las que nos estamos quedando.

    Puedo traer mi teclado cuando me canse de perder demasiados juegos. Sí, tengo más victorias cuando puedo comunicarme y crear estrategias con mis equipos.

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    @gerocarullo1, en juegos casuales, solo podemos chatear por voz con amigos. Podemos charlar con nuestro equipo (sea amigo o no) en partidas clasificatorias, si así lo desean.

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