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That's not just a 5k shield you immediately get from using the ability, but Siege Engine I agree is a very strong card as well. I personally don't really use it in non-shield builds because a hitscan can still fairly easily just shoot above the shield and still hit you. But in shield builds, yeah rank 4 Siege Engine is an absolute necessity.

I play a shield build yes. I tried Battering Ram after I saw an Ash guide video and I see the benefits, but I finally returned to the shield. One has to hit two enemies to get the full shield CD reset, yes. But Siege Engine also stacks and procs on shields/deployables so this is doable with good timing to completely reset the shield.

Not necessarily. Khan can grab Ash out of her dash, I've seen it done before quite a lot and I've done it myself a few times.

This is a bug though. I double checked the wiki and shoulder bash Can't be affected by Knockbacks for the duration and Khan's grab is listed as Knockback. If Khan approaches and Ash rams him (or flees) he can't grab her. Even if he throws her, with Battering Ram and resilience it should be no problem to escape.

Inara's problem at the moment, the way I see it, is that she depends on her healer more than other point tank options.

Inara has Stone Bulwark. It's a 875 heal. Not nearly as much as Ash or Terminus can get but very reliable.

Pretty much. Though I would also say that Fern's shield is a bit better than Ash's is if she doesn't run Fortress Breaker and instead opts for Battering Ram or Slug Shot.

Nah. If Nando would have Ash's shield he'd be much stronger, even with the flimsy one. His shield has a few situation where it is useful while Ash's shield is always useful. The more I played Nando, before he got nerfed, the less I used his shield.