Andy Main here (or at least trying to be),

Androxus really needs some changes in his favor with how so much of his abilities are lackluster compared to new and even some old champions.

Reversal could some more reliability as to hitting targets and/or have it absorb damage from all directions. It's so easy to render it useless just by a quick dash or dodge and I've had it where people kill me before the charge is ever thrown at all, let alone living long enough to see it.

Nether Step should go back to having seperate charges or having the talent that makes it so with some champions (Koga, Maeve, etc.) able to use their dashes multiple times in rapid succession. I've never been more frustrated going up against a really good maeve that jumps multiple times and pounces all over the place.

Defiance to me is only a tad lackluster unless you use the talent for it which is what I've been using lately. I think a tad bit more extra damage per shot would be a real good change in his favor so he has the close quarters power needed to at least take a good chunk off Tankier champions.

I as well as others have been noticing hit registration and aim assist issues with Andy after this shore patrol update and I hope EvilMojo looks into it at least.

I hope he gets just a few buffs in any or all of these categories so he can still be a viable option in the current meta but one can dream I suppose. I've been really discerned playing lately with this new update and I may play a bit less for a while the way things are currently.

That's my rant. Carry on.