Yes it was part of the old Forums.
Dimitri was a concept before.... Khan...
Spent a bit of time on this one trying to make it work in game without any major complications.

Dimitri is an area supressor who uses strong low-mid range dps, as well as cripple and slow soft CC skill shot moves to lock foes out of escaping at range, keeping foes out in the open and exposed to fire for as long as possible. His powerful CC slow move is tied to his mobility tool, thus creating an all or nothing strategy if used this way.

Has a weak 4k dome shield to briefly hold back damage from every angle and get a window for healing, has to care for a deployable inside the shield as it is the key reducing the cooldown of the shield, so cqc fights inside a dome in the open are not recommended unless foes are kept out of the shield. The shield bides time to activate and deploy his mobility or lock down moves, or gain a decaut window to get maximum sustain healing from Berzerk.

His mobility tool is fairly easy to read as it describes to all players who can see it where he will travel before he gets opts to go there, it can be canceled by other players by shoving Dimitri out of range or out of line of sight of his hook. It can also be hindered by hard CC effects such as stuns, silences and fears although they will not brake the mobility cable unless the character is pulled out of line of sight or the duration of the mobility expires.

His ULT Berzerk is a Damage Reversal / Self Sustain endurance move designed to eat and throw back firepower for a brief time. Healing the player passively in order eat more damage and synergize with healing mechanics, combine with shield healing for a moment of powerful self recovery. As you take damage you gain energy to use for a powerful lazer shot or instant uncauterizable self recovery.