Taken from Evie tread as its more on topic here.

Fireball used to have Caut in cards and that was a pretty serious problem as you could have fireball apply Caut 2.5 at the very beginning of the game. Or of course it wouldn't be used.
I think they should be making Fireball an in-hand so if you get Caut as an item, it should apply it. Also on the topic of fireball they need to buff Incinerate so Fireball has an actually good CDR card again.

I know the story all too well comrade...
Glad to see you mentioned it here...

Voiced the same conclusion back then saying Fernando's low Primary attack dps scales poorly with other damage items and Fireball utility damage can repair this issue.
And still today Fernando has issues against High HP deployables (in the current meta) and suffers against Personal Shield pocket (with a history of fighting busted torv pocket to back that fact) due to having not enough burst to compensate for instant endurance...

With Weapon Utility Damage to Fireball, building cauterise can return that feeling of momentarily staggering recovery against a stack within his sightline for a brief moment and allow fireball to change the tide of battle, while also building additional pressure to characters that kite and stay outside his reach.

While Building Wrecker and Dozer allows for near instantaneous burst damage to counter burst endurance mechanics such as personal shielding, alternatively providing a mightily blow vs deployables to hasten their drop time as its unlikely he will be able to stack damage off multiple players if a deployable is blocking or in an unlikely position to stack multiple players.

Another issue to consider with this is that inhand attacks gain Life Rip, so the HP on each Fireball hit card should be distributed over a duration instead of instantly to compensate for this feature, or replaced with an armour card that increases life rip as Burning Damage (despite not providing caut), does provide life rip.

One of the issues I think the Devs fear is the consistency of Fireball getting a fast CD, it allows for an initial poke and execution strike if certain conditions are met, together with his shield affording the bide / bully time with a dash/slam to out position the opponent, the design is lethal vs a player with no mobility, squishy hp and no ability to lock him down or deter his pathfinding.

But with fireballs current dependence on foes stacking and lack of utility damage upgrades, its CD feels a tad underwhelming in effectiveness compared to the tempo and impact of Term Calamity Blast and Ash Kinetic Blast CD Refire rates.