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Ive got maeve at lvl 52, and im currently maining andro.
I gotta admit, maeve is pretty strong and thats the reason why I stopped playing her, though I feel like maeve actually requires a rlly good amount of skill: you need to be aware of your surroundings and how to aim with a quick flick after you just pounced, a good maeve will be pounceing the whole game, which will require a lotta skill.
Evie doesnt need good aim, its awareness of where your enemies are and where you will be when you teleport, thats the reason why shes hard, you need to be able to actually have really good orientation in short amounts of time, she needs different kind of skill than the other champions.
Andro on the other hand has good burst indeed, but his dropoff is insane and u should see the small hitboxes on his bullets. Andro probably has got the highest skill cap in the whole game, cause it has three dashes, like maeves pounce, so you need to quickly flickshot to your enemy in a really short time.
Hope this changed your mind