@HeartQueen said in Tanks are not fun :

I only play Grover, Jenos, and Furia now. Grover less than the other two because he's more situational and his close range damage is abysmal, even for a support. But those are the only three that aren't just healbots.

And Pip of course is no healbot!

I think the Barik self-heal cards are not worth it anymore. Their output is too low now. It's the old loadout with Bowling ball V and Failsafe III and another card (maybe One man's scrap) or more HP for him or his turrets or something.

Yes, the only tanks who were still very good, Barik and Raum and Torvald, got nerfed hard. Very good dps champs didn't get nerfed, Vivian and BK, Tigron and Maeve. I played a match vs both, Maeve and the Tiger, holy shit. O_O

Support are not as bad as tanks yet, there is still Furia and Grover, but the tendency is there, Grohk was ruined, Damba has around 40% winrate at Platin/Diamond/Master now, Pip is weak, those once were very attractive supports. I loved the play Ying once.