@DaddyOoker said in Tips to improve at playing frontline:


You don't need to be good at it. What's the saying? "Those who can't do teach".

A general guide should be easy enough. Being unpredictable, target prioritization, survival that type of stuff. At least half of flankers problems is going after the wrong targets.

The issue is many of the flankers require different styles because of their mobility differences so going in depth won't work well. A general damage guide would also have this issue.

Maybe you could create two sections - one for higher mobility (Evie/Maeve) vs the more damage style (Skye/Koga).

PS: No, I'm not gonna do it

I don't play flanks pretty much at all though, so what insight could I possibly offer, considering I have little knowledge of how to play the role? It would make more sense for somebody who actually plays flanks and can do it reasonably well to do the guide for that role. Even Damage champions are iffy for me to an extent considering that Damage kind of encompasses a variety of different types of champions, some of which I have no idea how to play properly (Blasters).