@SiderumNocte the problem with healbots isn't damage, it's survivability.
And all the supports rn are healbots unless you use a specific loadout and talent that make your HP and sustain decent and sacrifice all the other healing options such as healing range, duration, cooldown etc...
Before patch ob68 healers had much more HP , better mobility but lower healing output ,(because ttk was fairly high, now its ridicously low) they were able to excape and fight flankers , right now they heal a lot but they die easly if not protected well.
Imo this bulls*it change was made to balance the ttk, as I said now it's ridicously low so we need big heals to compensate.
Talking about jenos he's more a mask-spam bot than healbot. His heals are nice but he's always picked because his mark with luminary has cancer damage amp.
But who cares, he's still a squishy fragile character that depends on positioning and team work.
In conclusion I think that healbot should only be a playstyle available by picking a talent... but until the ttk will be fixed healers will stay fragile boring heal turrets.