Seris is a highly underrated off tank and choke brawler thank to her suppression, not the best solo support, but better then most. IS pretty lit when you do not worry about your own HP though.
Fuck everyone who plays as a healbot, everyone who says you need two frontlines and so on.
This support has heaps going for it in design.
Probably the last well designed Supports before they all became hand holders Imo.

Why bother with Torv?
Torv was of my favourite champions, but he has received so many nerfs I moved to Seris, then found Seris to have too much potential self healing to allow her to 'simply' play healbot.
I would pick torv as an over valued support and still win games, because I wanted the challenge of wining without healing, but now its dead due to becoming undervalued thanks to its potential to win games without without really playing the game, and being a touch too hard to kill in the face of boosted allies. It's shield bot playstyle did need to die off with its shield value needing a look at, but now shields are weak and their dynamics are basic phantom HP, there are champion who can heal themselves for more with cards given a decaut window that another shield can give them.
His shield that charged for ages that game him some weird ass DR... gone.
His ability to apply silence and disarm pressure multiple people at once, gone.
They even added falloff on his projectiles after his change, I have been begging to reduce the falloff as dealing 150 with a few shots at sniper range is shit when they pop your shield in an instant regardless of range.
To play Torvald into a double sniper comp is one of the worst games to play, being forced inside all game due to a kit not designed to deal with that situation.

His issue is he has a very sight exposed kit, and nothing to make up for it other then HP. But then you look at raum who has 8K and constant regen to deal with exposure. Inara who can get 5k hp with 50% DR to feel like 10K and has boosted healing for the duration AND A FUCKING WALL. You have tanks with a 3-5K shield that provides a decauterise window.
And then you have torv... who has half the HP of other Tanks, half of it is tied to an ability on CD and boi does it feel like it. His lockdown ability does not prevent the opponent from shooting you to death, and you have to stay exposed to use it, and without any decaut window in kit, your shield is not going have the up time or HP to keep you active and performing on the same level that the other juggernauts do. Torv just feels like a feeder that need other allies to bait enemies to him, constantly trying to remove the CD of his shield in order to have a backbone in combat and give his allies a survival advantage. But with personal shields possessing no utility other then phantom HP, with less endurance then a standard attack its not much of a valuable defence ability in its current state.

In my eyes Seris has been the New Torvald design ages, but with teeth.
Seriously the healing is better then the shield in a firefight, regardless of caut. Seris rend soul is the similar heal value if primed, and she has a decaut option with shadow travel, or a long ass combat bide time with shadow travel in order to stall. The ult has more utility on closed maps to pull foes around terrain then Trov's ult does as well as being a potential execute when the foes is out of movement ability. Seris is very difficult to punish with a shadow travel active, whereas torvald just runs away and dies as he has no ability to escape pressure when focused or exposed, his only good tool for escape is surprisingly his ult (you can see the issue with that) which is map dependant for executes, otherwise its only temporary denial that does not even shed exposure to your target. Even then without CC immunity it can be cancelled by many abilities the worst being Khans ability to counter ult or command grab.

Another perspective is that Seris makes a decaut window each time she shadow travels, in combination with another healer, seris can act as an aggressive crossfire or set up for corridor domination and not lose much from taking a few hits with an ally to heal you once you back off, and granting more safety and map access to the rest of your team.