A few questions about Lian's Ultimate

  • I have picked up playing Lian recently, shes about my favorite champion at the moment. She has insane burst damage, anything outside of tanks gets vaporized by her in 2 seconds if your aim is on point. But while playing her for the passed few weeks I have noticed some oddities regarding her ultimate and I was curious if these things are intended or perhaps they are issues. So on to the point, her ultimate states that she is supposed to be impervious to damage during the course of the attack. Yet, for what ever reason, Maeve is able to kill her with pounce during her ultimate(possibly tied to Street Justice). Drogoz is also able to kill her during her ultimate with his ultimate, yet Lian can deny another Lian's ultimate with a properly timed counter ultimate, or a bomb king, or even Jenos and Skye. I have also died during her ultimate to unknown causes, as I was playing onslaught but the enemy team had no Maeve or Drogoz. Is this intended?

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    I might be mistaken but I’m pretty sure she’s immune to damage when ultimately not crowd control and I think all those abilities you mentioned were crowd control

  • You aren't immune the second you hit your ult afaik, there's a small wind up time where you can get killed before she fires

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    This is most likely due to latency or the small windup vulnerability.

    Also please don't type in full bold in the future ☺

  • The crowd control thing doesn't make sense as her tooltip describes it as damage and CC imune. I'm aware of the wind up, but it's rather short, all thetimes I have died was about half a second or less from actually firing the shot. As far as latency, that would make sense, but how bad would there ping have to be?! Lol and sorry about the bold, old habits die hard, old forum I used to post on had a horrible font.

  • @Armadutz there's a bug and they gonna fix next time

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