What do you think of TDM, ONSLAUGHT and KOTH?

  • In this post I won't give any critice or balancement suggestion, not even a single complain about balancement, no long discussions on the same points.
    I just want to know other's people feedback.
    Why? Because I'm done with complains, I'm done with theese forums, I'm done with Paladins. I won't waste my time repeating always the same things, I won't be noticed by anyone, it is pointless.
    But before leaving this game forever, I wanted to know, what people think of paladins' gamemodes...idk, just curious. I saw many posts of people complaining of TDM or ONSLAUGHT being boring or people asking for payload and survival to come back.
    Give me your thoughts, do you think that TDM, ONSLAUGHT and KingOfTheHill are boring?? Do you think that PAYLOAD and SURVIVAL should comeback??
    Focus on thoose 3 gamemodes, leave siege alone, it is fine, tell me your issues with them.

    Thanks for reading my threads guys, it was a good experience.
    Just going to leave this last one here πŸ™‚

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    TDM- I don't really like it, though I mainly use it to try to get better at DPS characters.

    Onslaught- I absolutely LOVE this mode. I honestly wish there were competitive Onslaught. I would play that over competitive Siege for sure.

    KOTH- I hate it. This mode is legitimately just Onslaught except done badly. More boring for tanks, more boring for supports, more RNG for everyone.

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    What is KOTH? Stands for what?

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    @a_a said in What do you think of TDM, ONSLAUGHT and KOTH?:

    What is KOTH? Stands for what?

    King of the Hill. It's a mode that's coming out with the next patch.

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    You mean that moving objective? 😞

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    @a_a said in What do you think of TDM, ONSLAUGHT and KOTH?:

    You mean that moving objective? 😞

    Yes... That one... I really hope they scrap this mode to be honest.


    ONSLAUGHT - DIMITRI puts the LAUGH in ONSLAUGHT.... I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME... INSTEAD OF PUSHING A TINY LITTLE CART THROUGH A BATTLEFIELD OF PAIN... I HAVE A FORTRESS TO ASSAULT, HOLD AND DEFEND. Wonderful, it makes this grizzled warrior cry with joy... the amount of fun one can have as barik with the ole bipity bobity get off my property routine.

    Onslaught is one of those games that requires your team to use their brain to formulate a team strategy for the map, I just wish it was Ranked... I would live there...

    TDM - I PERSONALLY THINK THIS GAME IS TOO RAW... IT NEEDS TIME TO COOK.. Low respawn times, huge maps, randomish respawns, open map designs... They all feel jank.

    This is paladins... one of the games core aspects is point defence and assault. When you have a game mode that doea not focus on this you have to shift your core game aspect. Shifting it to team synergy and survival is interesting, but the poor map design is so expansive and exposed that it is hard to force a team to stick together, while fast and random respawning times mean I can kill someone with an ability and they would be attacking me again before the ability is off CD... Since point defence and assault are stronk aspects in paladins.. I find that teams operating well around strong environmental locations are the major winners in most cases.

    I honestly do not know what could be done to make a good TDM in my mind... maybe Primal Court for TDM..?
    I personally would like to see a node based capture & respawn system with a base to spawn at. Like Battlefront/Battlefield, Being able to respawn at defendable locations captured by your team, cannot respawn at a contested point, capturing all nodes or enough points wins sort of deal.

    KING OF THE HILL - YOU KNOW WHAT IS FUN, RUNNING TO A LOCATION ONLY FOR IT TO MOVE AS YOU GET THERE. They lost credibility bringing this mode back. I personally hate random dynamics. End times was horrid to play seriously as the game could have a point spawn down the enemy side of the field for majority of the game. The game would pretty much handicap you or give you the advantage... IT FEELS REALLY BAD TO PLAY SERIOUSLY WITH RNG LIKE THIS. And to call this king of the hill is a freaking joke. Onslaught is king of the hill enough.

  • @Dusklicious @AYYDIMITRI
    Thank you for your answers.
    I agree with you, TDM and KOTH, imo, are boring and rushed, with repetitive and problematic maps (except snowfall junction, primal court and maybe foreman rise... the only ones I enjoy).
    Let's assume that hirez scraps thoose 2 gamemodes and replace them with something better, what would you like to see?
    Personally, I'd like to play payload again, survival was nice too.
    But it would be awesome to have an "OLD SIEGE" mode, with the old huge maps, where you had to destroy the payload and the gate... omg I want to try it so hard :c

  • I really would like them to try a multi node capture game for points over the king of the hill mode. Nodes being easier to capture, harder to hold. It would be a game mode that enforces a good sense of overall battlefield control.

    I would like a payload return with a few map dynamics, where the payload opens up areas of the map for the attackers once it gets to checkpoints, such as gates, drawbridges, elevators, turrets, shield doors.... whatever environmental hazards you can conjure.... make it so that the map environment dynamics change with cart progression across checkpointa and allow characters with basic movement and mounts new paths to move.

    Another thing I would like them to tackle is base defences... this is for another issue being that Atm it is WAYYYYY TO EASY TO STEAMROLL PEOPLE INTO THEIR BASE IF YOU HAVE THE PLAYER SKILL ADVANTAGE....
    I would just like some team dependant environmental hazards like turrets near the base to deter foes and give teams more walking space from their base... also providing pressure to foes attempting to ambush you by your base door to kill you...

    You take the idea of base defences and Roll it in with payload and suddenly attackers initial push is easier and the final push is made harder fight due to being out gunned.

    I would like to see a seige mode with 7v7 teams and massive maps.

  • Honestly I tried out the KOTH as resonance Ying and I loved it despites we lost. Everybody were running around, I spammed the point with illusions, it was realy chaotic and funy.

  • I like variety.

    In TDM, it's not often that one or both teams work together. More often than not, most players simply run around shooting and doing their own thing, forgetting about the "team" in Team Death Match. But with King of the Hill, players are more willing to play together as a team. Sure, we still have players who just don't get it, but now we have more who will actually try to put the "team" back in TDM.

    Love it!

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    @Conrad_Max said in What do you think of TDM, ONSLAUGHT and KOTH?:

    I like variety.

    In TDM, it's not often that one or both teams work together.

    That’s why I was thinking for Free-for-for

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