Can something be done.

  • I've been playing Paladins since 2018 and since then have taken a 6 month break from the game. I've been playing now since July and have noticed something quite unacceptable with the console version of the game at least. There is about 6 problem characters in terms of balance. (Skye, Koga, Talus, Victor, Tyra, and Vivian) These characters are quite literally the reason I stopped playing the game the first time. Now with my six month hiatus; can you imagine my surprise when after so many patches these characters feel so easy, and not fun to go up against. I've recently started to mess around with various characters outside of my comfort zone and while the learning was fairly easy there are many characters that just get completely melted by others. It is not really fair when you have characters like Lex, Lian, kinessa, etc. that require some more aim and skill to be effective then they get completely demolished at range.
    I believe the mentioned characters need to be slightly adjusted for example some damage drop off for victor; Skye can't go invisible while shooting or getting hurt.

    This is just my opinion. I hope someone may feel the same.

  • Hi !

    I play on PS4 and i feel the same as you. The characters you listed above are very unbalanced on console :

    • Skye can kill a tank on 2-3 sec
    • Talus is so quick ! On console it's impossible to follow him or shoot him
    • Tyra can mark 2 target her whole team can see us trough wall and +25% damage
    • Vivian can charge her ult while using it and why does vivian has a shield ?!
    • To finish Viktor... i hate him. The most easy champ to play, huge damage and a fucking sprint. Why viktor can run more quick than a flank ? why his ult can kill a makoa under shield ?

    These champ are always banned.

    I think they're unbalanced on console but balanced on Pc so we can't hope for a nerf.

    (sorry for ma very bad english)

  • @Mitsukii8 Skye's damage is OP on PC as well but the reason she's considered trash there is because players buy ILLUMINATE which shuts her down hard, I never ever see anyone buy it in console casuals which is why she's so annoying for most.

    Talus needs a overcharge nerf, but until then whenever you see him use it either get some distance or use CC on him.

    Tyra will be getting a big nerf next patch which will kill Hunting party but will only make her more cancerous Burn monster more popular.

    Viktor is a good example as to why you should always buy CAUTERIZE, yet another item I rarely see in casual.

    Only character that I think is absolute bullshit is Koga, his dashes do too much and has absolutely no drawbacks, you could run circles around enemies while cleansing everything thrown at you and healing and refilling ammo until the enemy is dead, something has to be done about him.

  • On console they need to ban and nerf:

    Skye: she's OP with that poison and her infinite hiding (illuminate on her dont work)
    Talus: 45 bullets x 100 damage, he can kill a full team
    Drogoz: (he's gonna be nerfed). He never touch the ground , and stay in the sky 7 hours
    Strix: his pistol need a huuuuuuuge nerf on the damage and the accuracy of his sniper rifle should be more low, when someone is close to him
    Terminus: Ban and rework, infinite shield, olympic slam, missile and resurrection...To much for a tanker
    Evie: infinite teleport..NERF please
    Vivian: fix her infinite ultimate and take off the shield...
    Torvard: nerf the shield spamming
    Barik: he should only use one turret (maybe with more hp) but enough with the spam
    Ying: same as Barik
    Grohk the healer Rambo: NERF
    Fix all that champions can dash in the air without a resonable motivation like Cassie, Barik, Terminus, Lian etc. Each times you throw them out of the maps, they walk in the air and come back...
    Nerf the height of some champions can reach when they are flying, like drogoz, Maeve, Androux and Willo
    Fix ILLUMINATE, it doesnt work on Skye and Strix
    Buff CAUTERIZE: only two level and the first one should give 60% and the second 90% (im sick to see 2/3 healers spam like crazy)

  • PC

    I see lots of console players complaining here

    I am pc player but I play on ranked console as well

    I can tell that yeah strix is op, both console and pc, and surely needs a nerf and not the buff he's gonna receive in tomorrow

    skye is bad, console or pc she's just bad cause illuminate

    talus is trash on pc but op on console, but like just ban him yeah

    term is kinda bad, he was nerfed hard, he still is playable but far from being the best tank
    evie is fine and balanced, she's super hard to play on console and if you know her gameplay a bit you can kill her easily

    viv is op on console but not so op on pc, her main drawback is that she can't handle blasters

    torv and tyra are being nerfed

    barik and ying are annoying on console cause the aim assist tends to make yo shoot turrets instead of the champ behind them lel, barik is op regardless, ying is weak af as a support

    grohk sucks hard, too easy to handle if you have a brain

    illum does work, caut is fine
    if you can't handle dashing champ then maybe you as a player is the issue

    I hate vik as well cause he's just braindead autistic champ x)

    anyway as said, the game is balanced according to pc not console, you can always ban or learn to deal with this champs

  • @Speppo82

    Term's barrier should only protect directly in from of him like a wall that can be walked passed by enemies. As of now, its cone shape eats just about everything.

    If you push a term and get in his face, which is where his kit shines kinda, you should be rewarded with dmg.

    As of now, very little can get past that Barrier.

  • My problem isn't the characters. Its the fact that they still hit you after you have rolled out the way or hid behind a wall and get the kill even if their crosshairs are not pointed in your general area. I have been killed over a hundred times by this. They won't even be pointed at me anymore and still kill me. It's rather annoying.

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