Furia cannot heal partially covered allies

  • I don't think that's a bug, but something purposely put into the game. Furia is unable to heal partially covered allies. You can't heal allies on high grounds that have hidden legs or are behind pillars. Seris on the other hand can heal in these situations, she manages to heal allies with the top of the exposed head. Why can't Seris and Furia have the same reticle? Several allies have died for failing to heal them, simply because 40% of their bodies are covered by some object.

    Bug da Furia ao curar.jpg

  • @FireMeetGasoline Nice, I consider this problem a bug, but now that you said I'm not sure, this is a very serious problem for the character and that I as main Fury I suffer a lot. This problem further hinders the legendary Valorized, who has M2 as the sole source of healing. Another related problem is the lack of accuracy in M2 skill, because if you have two people in front of you close together, one lifeless and one full life, it's lucky you heal the one who needs healing, it's very inaccurate. I think there should be a kind of "auto-aim" for allies who are less lively as a way of giving preference and also the cure being more true to your aim because sometimes you heal by aiming at one and healing the other unintentionally and even pass 2s to gain access to the skill again the person may have died.

  • Knowing when to heal and how to aim it, is part of being a healer. Sometimes you fuck it up and thats just the way it goes.

    This issue of not being able to heal people standing behind a knee high boxs is bullshit and should be fixed.

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    I don't play Furia for this exact reason. It's awful.
    I also don't enjoy the weird delay between her heal hitting, it doesn't feel right to me.

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