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  • Inara has two viable talents, but Tremors sucks. It based on Impass, what blocks the allies' attacks and movement as well so it's not a realy useful skill often. I have agood idea how to make it much more creative to use. It willl have better efficiency and brand new possibles.

    Tremors: Reduce the Cooldown of Impasse by 50%, it has 3 charges and can deploy to walls where it will be horizontal.

    So she will able to baricade herself, defend from attacks above, and make bridges for the whole team. She also could bould an Impass to an other for make complex structures, long bridges or reach the highgroung quickly. It will have kinda building feeling, personally I would realy enjoy it 😄

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    Doesn't it seem OP?

  • The current form is realy weak and it would have even less cooldown redcution than the current one (what has 70%, not just 50%).

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    Summit jumping on three walls. I want to see someone do this 🙂 ExtremeFlankNara is born.

    Is that three charges with no CD/delay between? Drogoz won't like this one bit or Skye or ....

    How about 3 charges with a 1 second minimum between each charge or simply make it 2 charges?

    If you manually destroy your walls before timeout, would all x number of walls be destroyed at once or would it destroy in order of creation?

  • How would this suggestion even work with selfdestructing wrongly placed walls?...

    Inara has only 1 viable talent, that is Mother's Grace. Cripple is "okay" at best and tremor is garbage.

    Personally, what I would do is move 10% DR from Mother's grace to base kit, so as Inara starts with 40% DR at base, while not changing anything to Inara with Mother's grace.

    Then, I would make it so that Tremors has in-built Summit 5 card into the Talent when picking it. The Summit card could stay the same, but there definitely should be a cap when picking it with this talent.

  • @DaddyOoker I was also thinking about the wall destroying, but I haven't specificed it yet. Maybe the best solution would be you no longer can destroy your walls. This talent suggestion has already tons of benefits, it could be the only downside 🙂

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    I would hate to be stuck with a wall for the duration.

    Many times I use the wall to block an ult or something along those lines. No need to keep it up for the full duration.
    Keeping it up may be detrimental depending on the circumstances.

    Also, sometimes I use the wall to pull off an ult that otherwise would have been impossible.
    Goes like this: Put the wall up knowing the enemy is behind it. Ult, destroy wall, ult lands, allies hopefully do their thing.
    A wall that can't be manually destroyed would ruin that.

    How about a new talent altogether?

    Replace Tremors with "Cubical":

    • A cube wall is formed growing horizontally until the ends meet.
    • The center is where Inara was standing at the time of activation.
    • It takes ~1.5 seconds to completely form.
    • Enemies hit by the wall during formation get pushed inside.
    • The size is about the size of the point.
    • Cube could be a cylinder if that works better.

  • Just because it is underused by many, does not mean tremors is a bad talent.
    Just because it does not see use in the "Pro" scene does not mean it is jank.
    It is actually a good talent when you are going up against tanks and damage who suck at breaching chokes.
    Sure it may not have numbers to back up its performance, but it can pretty much be played like sniper buck, and have a serious impact on the game, without being near the main battlefield.

    As an off tank, on a choke heavy map with a few high grounds. Wall Inara sections off a map, not just a firefight...
    The reduced CD makes a lot of kill windows when your positioning is on point, one of my major issues with Inara is her lack of burst movement speed in order to get to positions to place walls. Instead her move burst is wall jump.
    Tremors combined with wall jumps is BS mobility for a tank to have if it is used correctly, with the right team to synergize behind.
    A only issue I see is that it is more of a environmental talent pick that is strong vs ground based champs, compared to other talents that make inara unfragable or hard to fight in her zone, wall makes the point or angle you are holding very difficult to breach.
    It used to be self countered by resiliance, but now you can have full CC protection and still boulder roll yourself into the enemy, you just have to be wise on how you approch combat with a wall as your main tool.... I mean, it blocks ults, denys movement, makes foes overextend from cover, sections off a foes retreat... now the jump works with resil you can dive a foe from above and try to avoid their shots, by the time you land you should have another wall to dictate what to do, section off foes retreat, wall off enemies, retreat, highground retreat, large gap closer.

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    make it that tremor increase inara air control lel, or that she can drift like andro lel :3
    with 3 charges and you can place wall in the air :3

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