Suggestion for QoL changes - Custom settings

  • I have been playing Paladins for about two years now and while I have seen the implementation of stuff such as custom crosshairs, keybinds per champion and scope sensitivity, I still wish there was more ways to customize these.

    Sensitivity and scope sensitivity for Kinessa, Strix and Viktor's ADS (on which I believe scope sens has zero influence at the moment) could be champion specific, since the scope sens you are comfortable with on kinessa will not necessarly be the same on strix, as both champions have a different scoped-in FOV.

    The player should also be allowed to choose a scope sens with decimals without having said sens rounded to the closest integer but I believe that is just a bug.

    Crosshairs could allow for more personalization regarding their size, center gap, thickness, etc (like in a certain hero shooter developed by Blizzard) and also be champion specific. It gets annoying to switch between reticles when playing different champs just because you need the small dot for some champs and a larger crosshair for others.

    I am probably not the first person to think of these, but I could not find an existing topic related to this.

    Thanks for reading this !

  • PC

    just being able to change sensitivity depending on champ would be nice, cause like I'd like to have higher sens on evie for exemple

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