Paladins Cross-Play Welcomes PlayStation 4!

  • Champions! Cross-Play with PlayStation 4 is finally here! Beginning today with the Pirate’s Treasure Update, players will be able to play Paladins and voice chat with their friends, regardless of their platform!

    Currently, we will not support cross-progression (shared achievement & trophy progress) and cross-commerce (shared pool of purchased items across platforms). We are working with our partners at Sony on a solution for this. We will update the community as soon as we have more information on cross-progression and cross-commerce.

    Hi-Rez Studios is very excited to welcome PlayStation 4 to our cross-play community. This will lead to improved matchmaking for all of our players. Please keep an eye out on our official website, forums, and official social media accounts for more information as we begin this exciting new adventure in the Realm.


    Q: What is cross-play?
    A: Cross-play is the function to play the same game with other players across more than one platform.

    Q: How do I enable cross-play?
    A: To enable cross-play, go into the Options menu on your platform of choice and select the Controls tab. When you reach this tab you will see an option for Cross-play. If you would like to enable cross-play, you can select Allow All, Gamepad Only, or Keyboard Only. Allow All will permit you to cross-play with anyone regardless of their input method, across all platforms. Keyboard or gamepad only will restrict matchmaking to players with the same input method.

    Q: How do I add or invite my Playstation 4 friend to my party if I am not on Playstation?
    A: To invite your friend to your party on another platform you will need to use the in-game Social tab. When you select this option go to the Friends tab and type the in-game name (not gamertag) of the player. Their username will show up on your screen and be available to add. To invite to a party, follow the same steps under the Party tab.

    Q: Can I change my cross-play settings mid match?
    A: No, you cannot. These settings will remain for the duration of your game.

    Q: Does ranked restrict anything with cross-play?
    A: Yes. You can still play cross-platform, but the game will ignore the “Allow All” setting and go by what your input method is. Keyboard will only be able to play with other keyboard players cross-platform, and the same is true for gamepad players.

    For any other questions regarding cross-play, please refer to our cross-play FAQ page.

  • Playstation only option does not work. It says I'm not on playstation or something like that

  • PC

    I cannot forget this happy event, Thanks!
    Now I can play with my PS4 friend!

  • thank you for the hardwork

  • That's really great, completely awesome. I've purchased a ton of stuff on ps4 though, and now have a better PC, so i barely touch my ps4.. I would love to start giving you guys money again, but it's not really motivating me to play still unless I can retrieve my account from the ps4. Any clue how long it will be before this is an option? Or, i mean.. Regardless of achievements, even if those reset, can't you guys quite easily just migrate all the data that's flagged on my account as purchased? I mean, it's gotta be just simple byte codes in a database that says whether I own a particular item or not yeah? Y'alls coders should be able to build a migration script in like. an hour or less. 😜

    SO please, please, migrate accounts? at the very least? until you can figure out a solution to the rest? Thanks!

  • PC

    So I guess Sony finally allowed this to happen.

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