• before latest patch, i can consistently get 15 ping, but right now it is always 78, making it unplayable with all the delays. have anyone from SEA experiencing this too?

  • @AmmarBaagu
    Yes this has been happening to me right at my 1st game after the pirate treasure update. Its frustating and i thought it was just me. My games goes from 60 ping to 156 ping capped for the entire game and occasionally raises to 200+ and then drops to 60 ms. It feels very unstable like there is a 0.2s delay when throwing smoke bomb or going stealth etc. I guess this should be in the bug report thread but i think it should count as gameplay feedback cuz its frustating to play the game around this issue.
    *Edit: If you have this issue and you arent from the SEA servers then pls say so in this thread cuz i wanna know if this is only happening in SEA or all the servers.

  • Yes, having the same issue. I used to have ~40 ping before the update, now every game it's 140. Some champions are completely unplayable. I have stopped playing until this gets fixed.

  • Im also having the same issue in SEA servers in one match i get 125 ping then in other match i get 200+ ping
    dont know whats the problem but its not just in Paladins its in pubg also as i have checked my ping at where my SEA servers ping are higher then it used to be.

  • For some reason even selecting sea server
    The game redirects to japan server
    It is very frustrating
    Atleast share the ip so that isp can route for it

  • PC

    Resource Monitor - Open the Network section.

    Look for the IPs associated with Paladins and then lookup the geolocation for the IPs using one of the free online tools.

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    You can try DaddyOoker solution 😄
    Btw pls don't necro old posts.


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