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    so my team Dead Chickens is looking for some players

    requirements :

    • playing in EU region

    • playing on PC

    • speak english properly (we need to understand each others)

    • having proper knowledge of the game

    • being available at least 1-2 hours during evenings (around 18-22 utc)

    • being able to play as a team (avoid toxic behaviors and such, listen to each others)

    some infos about the team :

    • we plan to scrim with other teams of the same lvl

    • we are doing casual trainings

    • participating in tourneys

    • this team isn't about who is stronger but about helping each others and evolving together

    • and obviously have fun playing together 🙂

    if you want to apply you can dm me on forum, I'll ask you some basic infos (ign and such) then eventually try you out

    have a nice day

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    @TangAce I know you use gamepad and KB/mouse - you should specify if you want to get better results.

    PS: Dead Chickens - LMAO.

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    best name right?

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