How to Dwarven Engineer, a Barik Guide

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    Even then, people in Diamond+ almost always play a specific way, even if it isn't always the most effective, because that's just what's in the meta at that time.

    Yeah. That's also my opinion. For example if you look at the stats for Damba at Diamond skill, there are 556 matches and a winrate of 43%. Nevertheless most high rank players will probably prefer a Damba in their team compared to, I dunno, Grover with his 56% winrate.

    My advice would be to just ignore this guy at this point.

    Nah, that quarrel is between you two.

    Well, I've said more than once that I'm totally done trying to make any sort of argument with him because he seems to just be intent on harassing me for having opinions that are different than his are, and trying to act like his opinions have more weight when quite provably they don't. Being involved in drama isn't good for anyone's health anyways I don't think.

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    see we totally agree on damba

    let's say a player in is plat and stuck, he'll need to learn to play better to get to diamond, so he may search for guides and stuff, but if he sees someone saying archi is op, he'll stay stuck in plat, yes it'll be enough to stay in plat, not to go higher, let's say someone is silver and want to reach plat, do you think that it would be easier with archi? no, simply because tinkerin is op af and can carry games while archi can't
    if you'd tell me on a champ like evie or andro with high skill cap and very different gameplay depending the talent, I'd say yeah, maybe they's better learn the easiest first, but on barik?
    the only difference in terms of skill is aiming, and since you are a tank you can miss some shots especially in low elo, plus it gives you good habits (like turret placements and such) instead of bad habits (yeah cause at a point the player will end up using tinkerin, just simply cause everyone told him it's better, and maybe after hundreds of game he will switch back to archi cause he thinks it's better)
    and regardless of opness, you can say archi is easier but tinkerin is meta, if you want to do a beginner guide
    you can try as hard as you want to change the meta during a patch, it won't change

    I play a lot of reso ying, I believe it's the best talent for ying (at least for me since I'm unable to play LE anyway), yet it's not meta, and I'll never say it's better, I'd simply say it's what I use and explain how to use it, if I was to make a ying guide I would call it a reso ying guide, I wouldn't even talk about LE in it since I don't use it, if I wanted to make an overall ying guide then I would have to mainly talk about LE and eventually a bit about reso

    if you are writing about let's say moji or some champs with multiple talents being on the same lvl in terms of bad/op-ness, then yeah you can mainly talk about both of them, but here, mainly talking about archi, presenting bad archi decks, I can only say there are issues, and I don't even say it for myself, I don't need a guide to play barik, I say it because it wouldn't help players to use said decks and talent
    if it was just archi I wouldn't be so insistant, but there are several important issues in this guide

    and yeah koga sucks, still one can be able to play it in silver if he is skilled enough with koga, but when you go up in elo no matter how good you are you won't be able to play koga and mostly win, or maybe one player in all paladins will manage, well it's the same for barik, you can play archi in low elo np, but when you go higher you can't, it'll simply not work anymore


    I'm not harassing you let's be clear on that, and I don't care about opinions, if you write a guide it's good to have opinions, but let's say someone believe barrikade is the best talent, and you see this guide saying to everyone to play this talent you call useless, and even more presenting a very bad loadout for it, wouldn't you say anything? well I would, cause idc what everyone believe is best, however I care that a guide tons of people will read doesn't spread such bad ideas such as playing without bowling ball is good, it'll not help anyone, people following that advice will rank down eventually while making their teammates lose for nothing

    you don't even care to think about my opinions anyway, you just deny them without any solid argument, just cause you believe
    well as I said I love to play off meta and yeah it can work, still if I'm teaching someone a champ, I will teach the meta part, then I can teach the off meta part which usually is harder to pull off, but off meta stuff are usually reserved for advanced players who trained a lot to be able to actually play it
    on barik yeah archi requires no skill at all, beginner friendly, then put it like that, as easier to play but not meta, don't say it's op if it's not, I have never seen a good barik player use archi, simply cause it doesn't work, or maybe with a very specific comp, but that's an other thing

    if you want you can try to prove me and the world wrong, play archi barik and get to D2+ while playing mostly archi barik, maybe you'll be able to do it, but you ain't the one who needs advices on barik, I feel like you have no idea what a guide is made for

    I may have the worst formatting in the world, but I have a lot of experience in writing guides, I wrote guides for any kind of champs, meta or not, I also dropped some guides cause I wasn't playing the champ anymore (my old skye guide for exemple) you don't write guide for yourself or to try showing everyone your non meta talent is the best, if you want to do that you can write a guide specifically for that talent

    you can't even admit I'm right about bowling ball, or about your matchup chart

    not playing bowling ball on barik is like not playing the range card on jenos, you can do it but it'll just be bad and everyone will say it, I don't think new players are looking at guides to end up being insulted every match

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  • what could improve barik ult

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    @ImABot09 said in How to Dwarven Engineer, a Barik Guide:

    what could improve barik ult

    • Make his ult consume on finishing the dome placement and not on use.
    • Improve the targeting of the turret (it's $#!+).
    • Maybe decrease the channel time.

    Really about it. Though I think it would be unhealthy if they really buffed his ultimate, especially for 3.0. His base turrets will be really good, and Architectonics in general will be really strong.

    However you can jump mid-ult and make it safer. I think it has a window of only a few frames or so to make it work, though. Would put that in the guide if I saw a point, because I will probably only post an updated version of this on Guru, because of the stupid, asinine backlash it's gotten from a couple of people on here... 😒

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    Update this guide so @TangAce would finally be a better person and post this guide in the page...

    Please... I have had enough of this tinkerin vs archi bullshit

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    @Demigod said in How to Dwarven Engineer, a Barik Guide:


    Update this guide so @TangAce would finally be a better person and post this guide in the page...

    Please... I have had enough of this tinkerin vs archi bullshit

    At this point, I'm not sure if I'll even bother updating this. Might just post the Season 3 version on Guru, and put a link of that version in my sig, effectively killing this one, because all the $#!+ I've had to deal with over MENTIONING HOW TO PLAY A SPECIFIC F***ING TALENT... Plus the Guru version, even if it is worse, actually has 6 upvotes I think, but this guide only has 2.

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    This guide is going to be obsolete in 3.1, and it's already out of date anyways (No Raum matchup).

    If you want to look at an up-to-date guide for 3.1, click the link to my Guru guide in my signature, or %(#fa0808)[h]%(#fafa08)[e]%(#08cafa)[r]%(#9908fa)[e].

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    @Dusklicious looks like you liked the color feature 😄

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