HELP, my game keeps crashing for no reason

  • Hello, I have been playing Paladins for a year now. Today, I downloaded Realm Royale. It kept crashing, so after browsing for a solution online, I typed in -safemode into the Steam Launcher and then it worked perfectly fine. However, my Paladins stopped working. It never used to crash otherwise, the issue started only after I downloaded Realm Royale. The screen keeps freezing, and even Ctrl Alt Del could not help, I had to shut my PC down. I tried a few times, it just abruptly shut down without any crash dialogue. I uninstalled Paladins, and even steam, and downloaded it all again. No use, the issue still persists. Nothing seems to be working. Please help, I'm desperate.

  • Moderator

    Please try submitting a support ticket here ->

    They should be able to help you a bit more, remember to give as much information as possible.

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