Milestone rewards for account level

  • Sometime back I remember Hirez saying they're going to give Gold and Diamond chests for leveling up your account, one every 50th level iirc, but of course like almost every other bit of good news we get this too seemed to be a spur of the moment decision and it never saw the light of day. I purpose they reconsider this and give us some reason to be excited about leveling up because the gold is meaningless for the majority of players above 100. Here's my idea for a reasonable reward system.

    Levels 10-20-30-40-60-70-80-90 flair chest.
    Level 50 gold chest.
    Level 100 diamond chest.

    This would repeat the same way even after level 100.

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    I've already proposed such a system

    would be really good, but truly I don't think chests are a good idea, many of us already have plenty sitting dust for years now ^^'

    I proposed a golden horse, avatars, loading frame, sprays, and so on

    many things can be done that would be better than chest 🙂

  • @TangAce Ah I didn't take the super high levels and paying players into consideration my bad. Yeah if chests are too much then milestone exclusive cosmetics would do, hopefully ones that won't be for sale a week later like the old VIP shop skins lol. Also a little more gold and maybe a few crystals wouldn't hurt either.

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    the VIP system was good, beside the fact that we never got our mount from vip 5 (I can't consider a free bp as an exclusive mount rly)

    a milestone for every 50 or 100 lvl would be great

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