Character Idea - Siren

  • Hello, I hope you like the Character idea my friend and myself came up with. I'm new posting and such and hope i got the right place.

    Name: Siren
    Gender: Female
    Health: 2500 Role: Damage/Support/Flanker

    Lore: Siren was the first mate of Judd Roberts, while on the journey to tame the dragons might. disaster happened and the crew was either scattered among the realm or dead in the ocean. While Siren being almost at deaths door an ancient being that lives in the ocean, one forgotten about over time gave Siren their power and resides in an amulet Siren wore in memories of the child she lost during the war. Using her newfound gifts, she's against not only the Resistance but the Magistrate for revenge.

    Left mouse(Lighting Strike): Lighting shoots from Siren's finger tips dealing 500 with a casting time of 0.5s to a single target.

    Right mouse(Chain Lightning): Builds up a lighting ball dealing 1000 to all nearby enemies. with a casting time of 0.5 but a cool-down time of 15 seconds.

    Q(Siren's Gift): Siren plays a little melody that encourages allies Increase Healing done to teammates by 10% and discourages the enemy, Decreasing their healing by 30% in a radius of 25 units nearby Siren. Will be an Instant cast and lasts for 8 seconds with a cool-down time of 20 seconds.

    F(Double Edge): Surround yourself in a shield of lightning, whenever you take damage 50% of that is then returned to the attacker. Instant cast, Lasts for 5 seconds has a cool-down of 15 seconds.

    Passive(Overcharged): Every 11,000 damage that you do using Lighting Strike, chain lightning and double edge, you become overcharged and must release the charge. Lightning strike does the same damage but nearby enemies within 30 units take 50% of the damage that has been dealt to the first enemy. this passive lasts for 10 seconds. while in this state it does not count towards the 11,000 damage requirement. This gives you a bar so you can see how much overcharged you've become.

    E(Beast Rage): Lightning Strike, does not have a casting time and does 300 more damage to a single target this lasts for 10 seconds.


    Summons the ancient being that resides in Siren's amulet, enemies within 30 units take 1600 damage and then flung backwards into a stun lasting 0.8 seconds

    Talent 1: No Control - Passive overcharged requires 10,000 instead of 11,000

    Talent 2: Reflect - Double edge now returns 50% damage to the attacker while you take no damage but only lasts for 3 seconds.

    Talent 3: Courage - Replaces the ability Siren's gift with: Heals all nearby allies within 25 units 800 health every 2 seconds lasts 8 seconds with a cool-down time of 20 seconds