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  • I am new to this game and I am having a difficult time dealing with the Line of Sight problems. I know some can be server related when you are getting shot around corners but it is really bad. On another note the killcams are not accurate to what actually happened on my screen. Is there a fix coming for this issue? It could be a matchmaking issue connecting me with players that do not have stable connections which is benefitting them and adversely affecting my gameplay.

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  • I think your observations are simply due to Paladins mechanics that we have to live with. Some shots (like Lex's) get a very generous radius with which to hit their moving target, meaning you could be hidden from the center of the cross hair or shot (and possibly out of the line of sight on screen) and still be hit. You'll learn which characters are blessed with these godly radii and move far enough to be truly out of the line of fire. Some of it is also due to animation occurring after the contact calculation is made I think, such as Makoa hitting us with a hook while we're on the move but the chain appearing through a wall to snag us.

    Kill cams and play of the game will never really be fixed in my opinion. These have been addressed occasionally since the beginning, and are sometimes briefly fixed, but then quickly break again. I gave up hope on these long ago. There are more pressing and game-breaking bugs to address anyway.

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