Front Line Concept: Sabbas, The Blaze Of Glory

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    “The Pyre never fades.”
    Role: Front Line
    4600 Health
    350 Movement Speed


    LMB: Blazing Mace (Direct Damage)
    Swing your mace every 0.7s, launching a blade of Pyre Magic which deals 400 damage. Enemies and surfaces hit will become marked, and all Souls will move towards marked areas/enemies. 6 ammo. 1.4s reload

    RMB: Sacred Seal
    Envelop a targeted enemy in an 800 Health Shield, which blocks their attacks. 9s cooldown

    Q: Conscript (Direct Damage)
    Create a Warrior Soul with 800 Health. While standing still, Souls will hold a 1600 Health Shield in front of them. Every 2.1s, Souls will swing their swords at enemies, launching a projectile which deals 200 damage. Max 4. 11s cooldown

    F: Fog of War
    Teleport all Souls to your side, and flap your wings to create a cloud of fog, making you and your Souls invisible. The fog lasts until you take another action or 800 damage, and Souls will mirror your movements while it is active. 12s cooldown

    E (Ultimate): Inspire
    Resummon 4 Warrior Souls. Then, empower your Souls and your allies within 75ft. You gain a 4000 Health Shield, and your Souls and allies gain a 2000 Health Shield. While this Shield is active, it increases movement speed by 25%.


    [Default] Convert: Eliminations reset the cooldown of Conscript.
    [Level 2] Cleansing Fire: Sacred Seal now Silences the target while active.
    [Level 8] Fearless Leader: Hitting an enemy with Blazing Mace increases the Movement Speed of Souls by 30% for 1.5s.

    [Loadout Cards]

    • W&A
      Monument - Gain {150|150} Health.
      Lionheart - Dropping below 50% max Health grants you a {400|400} Health Shield for 3s. 25s cooldown.
      Tread Down - Eliminations grant {8|8}% increased movement speed for 8s.
      Final Rest - Restore {50|50} Health over 2s when a Soul is destroyed.

    • RMB
      Pyre Forged - Activating Sacred Seal grants you a {150|150} Health Shield for 3s.
      Condemn - Increase the Health of Sacred Seal by {100|100}.
      Pyre Shield - Activating Sacred Seal restores {100|100} Health.
      Strike Back - Gain {6|6}% increased movement speed for 2s when Sacred Seal is destroyed.

    • Q
      Resistant - Increase the Health of Souls by {100|100}.
      Braced - Increase the Health of Soul's Shields by {150|150}
      Forefront - Gain {2|2}% damage reduction for every Soul within 50ft.
      Garrison - Restore Health equal to {10|10}% of damage dealt by Souls.

    • F
      Covert - Increase the Health of Fog of War by {100|100}.
      Bodyguard - Souls gain {10|10}% Damage Reduction while in Fog of War.
      Last-Ditch Effort - Increase your movement speed by {5|5}% while Fog of War is active.
      Sympathy - Activating Fog of War restores {15|15}% of Soul's Health.

  • PC

    Very solid concept, though it seems a lititle underpowered in some regards. It lacks any real mobility and doesn't have all too much in the way of self-sustain. Though the strength of the Souls especially with 4 out at once (which seems like it would be easy enough with the Convert talent) is quite high, and his ultimate sounds potentially really crazy as well.

    Definitely also welcome this sort of high skill tank as well.

    Have to say, I kind of like this idea. 👍