• Well, he needed a nerf back then, but that nerf made him useless now pip works as a better flank. I'm sorry, I'm saying this cause I main him and I want the game to be good

  • He has vertical mobility, a ton of iframes and enough sustain to 1v1 tanks, his nerfs were well deserved and he's still cancer on consoles so let's not make him any worse for us maybe?

  • PC

    Nerfs? His most recent changes were buffs? I'm very confused by this thread.

  • @OriginalEquinox
    The nerfs were well deserved...mmh, the claws size yes, maybe the self damage one was a little too heavy, but the agility one, bruh...
    Now, I don't want to act like the average guy who defends high mobility and wants it back and blah blah but, dear god, all he needed was a damage or even range nerf, why agility?? It was fine, he's a flanker, he's supposed to be fast, especially when you have such a large spread and short range that doesn't allow you to poke like evie, meave or even zhin.

    @Dusklicious what buffs exactly? I'm not defending koga, I don't want him to be overbuffed but... let's be real, he wasn't buffed and he still needs some love.
    The momentum change isn't even noticeable in game, I even compared the new momentum dashes to the prebuff ones, very little difference. Probably the change was made to make people shut up about koga.
    The moviment speed buff, it was supposed to compensate the heavy agility nerf, 20% less speed. But it did absolutely nothing, it's not even noticeable because of how small it is.
    Just a 5% moviment speed buff (in the patch notes they didn't even tell how much), to make it seem that they care about koga lol.
    I repeat, I don't want koga to be overbuffed and OP again, I know how braindead he could be... but the buffs really did nothing.

  • @Snipah have you ever been on the receiving end of a half decent Koga running that build which lets him spam agility and spray while hopping around like a crack head while constantly regenerating ammo and health? Yeah think about that before wondering why it was nerfed. Of course it was Hirez's fault for releasing such poorly designed characters in the first place but that doesn't mean those kind of playstyles should go unpunished

  • @OriginalEquinox

    as a guy whos just come from overwatch i need to get use to the characters of paladins i will admit that

    but koga makes ZERO sense, i'm shooting this guy with tyra and even if his dying he STILL advantageous because his more accurate and each shot more deadlier then tyras, he seems to have ZERO recoil with his gun, and when his dying he just ults, now please correct me if i'm wrong but why the "F" can you not shoot him when his ulting???

    any ult that has anything to do with the champion themselves should be vulnerable, why can he spin in a circle and be invincible??? that is so F-king cheap

    if he THREW a projectile ult ok that projectile has NO hp i get that AND you can just avoid it, but if HE himself flies at you THEY need to be able to be killed otherwise there's nothing you can do if you have zero escape moves and he just chases you, that is just cheap

  • @U1222201596 Yeah he pretty much hard counters Tyra unless the person playing him is a bot. Koga was a LOT worse before, at launch he had a infinite ammo talent and later on his claws were over buffed to a point that using his guns was basically throwing lol, he's been toned down a bit since then but the overpowered and highly spammable dash is still untouched for some reason. Get stuns or cripples like Tyra's molotov to counter him because if not then he'll mop the floor with you

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