Mal'damba needs a damage buff

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    This chart says that Mal'damba has the lowest win rate (43.1%), and a very low damage (33.52 per minute ), with a high amount of healing (113.74 per second).

    So, I suggest to increase his damage output to increase his winrate with these changes:

    spitting cobra:

    • reduce reload time 2s --> 1.7s.
    • Faster fire rate 0.55 --> 0.45.
    • snake toss damages more 200 --> 350

    That's it.

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    Because he's very broken right now, sorry

  • @a_a said in Mal'damba needs a damage buff:

    Faster fire rate 0.55 --> 0.45.
    snake toss damages more 200 --> 350

    un nerf the dmg to 450,

    and re implement the mechanic where missing ammo increases snake toss by 50 per ammo

  • Personally I'd throw my vote in with the Mal gets some better quality of life adjustments discussion, as mal has many features that leave him open and exposed compared to some other supports.

    Idk about damage TBH...
    Mal has this wierd synergy behind his control and damage.
    He can do enough when you consider the ult and the stun... but he is no catalyst pip.
    And when your opponent has resil 2 and haven 3... I would imagine Mal would struggle vs many foes.

    I would personally like Mal to gain a slower but more controlable Slither.
    Being more like a untargetable Barik Rocket Boots, Instead of it feeling like a ballistic missile....
    More Invincibility Frames, Regeneration Time, Safer Corner Turning / Environment Traversal to up player survivability a fraction, overall it would make Mal feel less jank.
    People die all the time trying to insta 180 retreat, or getting caught in corners.
    I think a bit more player safety should be Mal's priority, cause he has never been too hard to dive, if you have CC immunity or something to negate the stun, if you can continue to supress him with Caut and deny him of cover.
    He is only a worthy fight when he has his DR and Sustain going and working off bunker strats and cc chains early on.

    Other then direct damage buffing, I would not mind more utility to his inhand attack, to make up for disadvantages such as its parabolic arc and hard to confirm caut sustain at range....

    If it was similar to the bio rifle from UT tournament. Allowing the poison spit to stick to surfaces for something 0.9s, striking more potential to deal damage to foes who move over terrain you hit with your projectiles, creating more environment pressure to zone foes back by potential damage in a similar way to BK primary attack.

    Other then that I would like a rebalence to how poison works to effect Max Remaining HP, other than Max HP.
    Hopefully a poison rebalence would allow Mal to use Poison for zoneing pressure again without it being confirmable kills and harsh damage vs high hp targets.

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    Damage-wise, I think they need to re-implement the 50 extra damage per ammo mechanic on Snake Toss, but not increase the base damage.

    Though, really I think there's a bigger problem: his CC needs serious improvement. I'd suggest upping the minimum stun time on Snake Toss and tweaking his ultimate to make it easier to land consistently, particularly for people not accustomed to the way it works now. I don't exactly know how to do that, though I feel like somebody who plays more Damba might.

  • @a_a said in Mal'damba needs a damage buff:

    This chart says that Mal'damba has the lowest win rate (43.1%)

    Problem is that Damba is very good at professional play. If you follow the graph than you see that his winrate was always quite low, nevertheless he got a nerf (like all healers) and his winrate even lower. Judged by ranked he definitely needs a buff.

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