Paladins - Missing Link Championships (@3-4-Thee)

  • "Missing Link Championships" (@3-4-Thee)
    5 and 6 .10 .2019 since 12:00 UTC
    Event on Discord server "The Beacon" Join by link and ask for "Paladins Role"
    Event will be streamed
    Thus by participation in it You give consent for streaming youre match

    Siege championship with a twist... it would be teams of 3 (so always 1 role missing)

    Invite youre friends - This Event is in small teams, so get youre coordinated Buddies, Youre "left and right arm"||literally and figuratively||
    and Get on with it ; )

    idea is to (depending on amount of teams) either sum up team's scores across all categories <no tank, no healer, no DPS, no flank> and thus the winner would emerge
    (tho if many teams would enter we might concider rewarding each category independently)

    • each missing thing has its own maps with some puns (....welll... i did my best, tho im not perfectly happy with the Bazzar one im still generally pretty happy)
      no Healer - "Salt Mines" (ice mines) / "BringAsh" (Brightmarsh) / "Stone's Weep" (Stone Keep)
      no Tank - "No Guard" (Ice Guard) / "Wazzap" (Bazzar) / "Shattered Dreams" (Shattered Desert)
      no DPS - "Kill Mill" (Timber Mill) / "Watashi Wa Serpent Desu" (Serpent Beach) / "Frog Style" (Frog Isle)
      no Flank - "Ambition's Peak" (Ascention Peak) / "Splitstbone Carry" (Splitstone Quarry) / "Finish Marked" (Fish Market)

    Match Setup Bellow

    1 - Custom match lobby
    2 - pick servers agreed upon by both teams and create 3v3 lobby
    3 - alow spectators <match might be transmited so Show off as much as u want ; >
    4- chose map apropriate for category (maps for categories are listed above)
    5- both teams enter lobby and wait for ready from person responsible for transmision of the match
    6- start the game and play ; )

    PS. You are asked to refrain from unsporty behaviour like throwing youreself off of the clif to spite youre team, those matches are competitive and we want them to be exciting to view; Be the gladiators even if it kills you.

  • Tournament with prizes 3-4-Thee - date: 5-6 / 10 / 2019
    In a week we havetournament and sign ups are open ; ) get in and have fun

    (as a bonus You get access to discord server with a lot ow great people to play with ; )

    Details above

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