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    Allow people to report in game, that way you can be notified and actually see evidence in that game.
    Speaking of which, actually do something about the hackers. There's a gigantic influx of hackers and it's pathetic.

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    You can report hackers at the end of the game scoreboard.

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    @Borvik I know, I mean while in game and playing the match.

  • @Okamikai30 I think you don't quite get how the analytics systems work for these servers. So, at the end of every match, you see the match ID that gets added to the top? Well, that gets stored as the record ID in a database, of records that record a whole PILE of data for each individual match, maybe even a video - i couldn't speculate. Either way, rest assured when someone does get reported, there's likely an automated system they scan it through for any potential numbers out of range, and then pass that along to a person for review from there, provided there's a reason to.

    Cheaters will get found, and banned, and dealt with. Unfortunately, with a free game, the little sacks of trash tend to just make a new account, and VPN up, and at that point, nothing can be done about it. 😞

    Although, IMHO - The devs should start banning MAC addresses for network cards.. Sure would be a bitch to have to buy a new network card or learn how to spoof hardware IDs just to be able to cheat every time 😜

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    Please don't necro.


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