Paladins Giveaway Hub: Road to 1000

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    Hi Champions, I’m here today to give you some exciting news about Paladins Giveaway Hub. You may have heard about us before and never decided to join, or we might be complete strangers to you. Whatever the case is, we have some great news for all giveaway lovers!

    At the beginning of 2019, we set a goal to reach 1000 members by the end of the year. We still have just over three months to get approximately 150 members. So how are we going to do that?

    The first reason to join us will always be the main one: we find and post pretty much every active Paladins giveaway that exists. If you love giveaways but can’t seem to find them, know that you’re missing a lot of giveaways, or want to just get started in the giveaway business, then our server could be for you! People who take full advantage of our server get the best results.

    Gift Giveaways
    Recently, we started doing Paladins Gift Giveaways every week. These are usually worth about 1500 crystals, and can vary between Small, Medium, and Large Gifts. There are always many chances to win (more depending on the type of Gift), so if you want to get some Gifts, this is your chance!

    A Big One
    When we reach 1000 members, we will be giving away 3500 crystals worth of Gifts. That gives you a massive chance of winning! If you join us early on the Road to 1000, you can even take advantage of all our weekly Gift giveaways that lead up to the big one as well.

    More People Means More Giveaways
    Not only do the people motivate us to keep Paladins Giveaway Hub going, there is also the opportunity of applying for codes dedicated to Paladins Giveaway Hub at 1000 members. While we do get codes that are used for Paladins Giveaway Hub, it is very limiting because the codes aren’t necessarily for Paladins Giveaway Hub, so we limit our use of them on it. With a Partnership, we’d be able to make more frequent and consistent code giveaways!

    What are you waiting for? If any of this sounds good to you, you can check us out here. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

    Best regards,
    Borvik and the Paladins Giveaway Hub team

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