Trade District as a KOTH map...It doesn't seem right.

  • I'm not sure if this belongs here, so don't be harsh on me if it doesn't.

    It's a complaint about Trade District in King of The Hill form. I might be wrong, maybe just unlucky, maybe just dumb, but I feel like I should try to point this out just in case I might be right. It's honestly making me NOT want to play this game mode ever again, which is hard as hell for me to say b/c I love this mode as it is.

    The point is, I don't think Trade District was a good idea for a KOTH map at all. In fact, it might've been an absolutely horrendous pick regarding fairness.

    Why? Because when the two teams first spawn in, you get placed on 2 unique sides: (at least from my experience; the map isn't asymmetrical) one team on the side with empty space, near the wheelbarrow/alleyway of houses [A], and the side near the stairs with potted plants, a tree, and the underpass [B]. The point always spawns first on the narrow bridge bordered by a bottomless pit on the left and right.

    A is slightly closer to the point, while B spawns a little farther away, but it isn't too bad.

    The problems start when you realise that B team has to either

    • Go through a major choke spot (the bridge entry), and get torn apart in a bullet hell

    • Loop all the around to go behind team A, which will take way too long for characters who aren't flanks or have no movement abilities, plus the A team will have no trouble figuring out where the enemy went if they didn't try to squeeze through the bridge entrance by then.

    • Or use the small, precarious flank routes bordering the bottomless pit to try and take the point--which, if the entire enemy team is together on point, they can easily see them if they go that way, AND there's barely any cover or escape room there once you're spotted.

    When the point moves afterward, A team is already holding a huge boost of credits from holding the first point, and can easily push their way through to the next point. Sure, B team can get credits by killing members of the enemy team, and contesting ofc, but that's incredibly difficult to achieve when every means of travel to the point from your initial spawn happens to be a huge disadvantage to you.

    Meaning, if RNG lands a team on the B side, they're almost destined to lose, and lose by a huge margin too, because the map's shape and point location is heavily biased against anybody coming in from that side of the map. Or if not lose, have to play a very un-fun game of catch-up to the A team, since they are going to have a head start of at least 30-50 points.

    Characters with abilities that shine in tight corridor maps, like Vivian, Tyra, or Dredge for example, are absolutely overpowered if they end up on the A side.

    My personal experiences are that my team would lose by a huge margin on each play of the map if we were on B side, but the one time I landed on A side had me win by 200+ points over the enemy team. These kinds of matches really are not fun, even if we win. Playing catchup all match due to a map being overly lenient to one side is awful! It's not fun to lose that hard, even when you're trying your best, your team is trying their best, nor even when your team has good comps. It doesn't feel like a normal loss, I feel like I'm getting stepped on when i play this map.

    I know personal experiences are frowned upon, but honestly I'm not sure how else I could get decent information on a phenomenon I'm not sure about. Am I making good points, or am I just dense?

  • Haven't played enough to get a match on that map but I feel the same way about Snowfall junction as well, it used to be a Onslaught map before they turned it into a TDM because of the "fish in a barrel" feeling tanks and anyone trying to cap it would have since they're surrounded by vantage points and constantly focused by hitscans with nowhere to hide, and now it's back as a KOTH map with the same damn issue.

    So many good Siege maps they could use and they choose the handful of bad ones from the TDM/Onslaught modes instead, heck this could've been a chance to add a old Payload map and the option to mount and dismount during matches back even.

  • @Metromoon777 said in Trade District as a KOTH map...It doesn't seem right.:

    The point is, I don't think Trade District was a good idea for a KOTH map at all. In fact, it might've been an absolutely horrendous pick regarding fairness.

    that's kinda the whole mode imo.

    also your signature is amazing

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