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    @CMS you're not the problem my guy, Terminus's ult I overpowered, just because you've found ways to work around it doesn't mean it's not overpowered.

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    @coolkettle actually, if you had properly read all the comments in this thread, you would have realizes that the points you've made aren't what's being discussed and have no place in this discussion.
    I suggest you go back, read ALL the comments then proceed to reread your comments and realize that you are talking about things that haven't got a thing to do with what I'm speaking of

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    i am not going to repeat myself when someone brings up a point that has been talked about already.
    If they add into the point (ex. "Hiding behind a pillar saves you from Terminus's ult) that's a different story, however repetition of a point and not adding to it will not be responded to with anything except :"read all the comments"

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    Terminus' ult is easy to get away from if you have mobility since his wind-up time is longer (being 2.5s). Champions like Vivian and Tyra who don't have mobility really shouldn't be near him when his orb is purple and floating above his corpse unless there is definite coverage for you to quickly hide behind. I will say, though, that the crates near the point on Fish Market are not reliable coverage, I learned that the hard way...
    Also, with Vivian, doesn't her shield help her at least survive the blast if you can't get away? I don't play her so I wouldn't know, just curious.

    That being said, I hardly see any deaths from a Terminus ult; there have been some in my games, but are few and far between. It seems OP, but with how long the wind-up time is and the fact that mobility pretty much counters it, it's fine. Besides, only five champions don't have mobility (Skye, Strix, Torvald, Trya, and Vivian) and that's only 11.9% of the roster.

    @Okamikai30 said in Nerfing:

    Even if people manage to get away (some cannot, like Vivian) they still now have to deal 4k damage to a monster of a champion who deals a crapton of damage.

    His melee, and the only real melee champ. If you're far enough away, you won't have to worry about his damage. And if we're talking about after he's ulted, everyone is already far enough away to be safe. 1v5 or 1v4s don't last long. I can't count how many times I've seen my Terminus ult alone on point only to die seconds later. Or get killed instantly by an ulting Drogoz. His ultimate mostly allows for him to stay with his team or continue to contest if he siphons afterwards.

    @Okamikai30 said in Nerfing:

    @Hexadermia the problem is I've hidden behind things and still gotten killed by his ult.

    Then that's probably a bug and Terminus is known for them. He has a lot of issues. It doesn't warrant a nerf to him.

    @Okamikai30 said in Nerfing:

    Like very few champions can survive it, and as far as I can tell there's no audible clue of when he's activated it.
    The only clue I've ever noticed is when he dies there's a purple circle above his body

    There is an audible cue, he screams either "Once more I arise!" or "Let me die, no, NOOOO!" If you don't hear it, it's a sound bug.

    but if he's low and there are other people around, a lot of those people won't be looking at Terminus, and considering it's insane range, it's hard to avoid if you notice last minute.

    No offense to you, but who exactly are you playing with? They sound like their new to the game and not paying attention. That's a fault on your teammates if they're not aware of their surroundings.

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    @BaeWulf95 i get fitted with a crapton of noobs.
    It's SUPER infuriating.
    Thank you for the information on his audible warning, and the bugs. Definitely changes my viewpoint to know that he's kinda buggy so the problems I'm having are bugs and not anything else.
    I rarely go against him, but if I am a Vivian, by the time i kill him, I've already used my sheild (to try and shoot him while surviving his teammates shooting me).

    Anytime i do go against him, it always seems that without fail he aims for me first thing.

    As for being away from him, he has a jump ability and, as said above, Terminus always guns for me. I'm not 100% sure if that's because I manage to get away and am the only one alive, or if that's because im a healer/a Vivian.

    That's just what i've noticed when going against him.
    He isn't annoying enough for me to beg for a nerf (ive only talked about him a lot here due to him being brought up constantly)
    Talus and Vivian are really the main ones who im begging to get nerfed.

    (Ive played a couple games since the original post and i have noticed that viktor's ult cant follow you anymore? That could be because im going against bad players but Viktor seems to have been lightly nerfed already)

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    That is true, he does have his slam dunk, lol. And I believe Terminus is a direct counter to Vivian, that's why you may have a hard time with him and why Terminus' may go after you more as Vivian. Terminus is to Vivian as flanks are to snipers or cats to a newly found nest of eggs. Mmmm, easy and delicious.

    And I know about the noobs. I've had people completely ignore their six and get demolished by the flank I tried warning them about. But we all came from somewhere and we just gotta help each other when we can. 🙂

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    @BaeWulf95 I'm super fine with noobs
    It just makes it harder for me to get better.
    But alas, as said, gotta start somewhere

  • very interesting

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    Seeing the original post, I can definitely see why the OP was banned. I don't know how to interpret this other than to say it sounds like trolling to me.

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    Please don't necro old threads.


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