Do evil mojo really reads our feedbacks?

  • Wasn't Srixis? i get confused.(he seems to be the QA, nevermind)

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    Ok, so that's interesting.

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    @Rakuda88 Srixis isn't lead QA, that would be EvilMojoTrail.

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    oh that is actually good news
    glad to hear that

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    @Borvik said in Do evil mojo really reads our feedbacks?:


    I really wish someone could say something about matchmaking, for me it's the biggest issue with rank

    Potzer told me that they have an updated matchmaking FAQ planned but it got rescheduled.

    Faq? Ugg. We want it fixed or changed to something sensible.

  • @TangAce said in Do evil mojo really reads our feedbacks?:


    on reddit mostly memes and art are getting they won't see MM and bugs stuff
    but when they see a bug they fix it, yeah but these bugs they saw on reddit got reported 2 years ago on forums...
    I gave up on reporting bugs, even on their official discord where we are supposed to report bugs they don't read the reports

    also it's not only strix lel, willo and atlas are in need of a nerf even more than strix

    we kinda need devs to actually look at the forum

    2 years ago I reported some bugs that are still not fixed, and I reported them again 1 year ago, and again one month ago, still nothing

    I'm not even gonna mention MM lol, no point in that, I think we said everything that was to be said about it, we're not even asking for something complicated to input, we gave tons of ideas about how to fix it, but nah they'll keep losing players every update till the game dies eh

    Reddit recently had a quarrel with Thunderbrush for his Work In Progress posts, but if its bugs, I think Srixis & Potzer do respond more there

  • Hi-Rez reads the forums, but they are ard not obligated to post replies as doing so can be time consuming. With that said, they will post replies once in a while and post questions when they want more information regarding a specific question or complaint. They've done so before. Additionally, they do reply via patches and updates.

    The above is true on many official game forums. I know because of my personal past "official" association with gaming companies. I will not share details.

  • @Conrad_Max I'm pretty active on the Apex Legends forums and for a bunch of money greedy scum those guys are really good at keeping up with their players on the forums. There are a bunch of active community managers there frequently replying to posts and when they see good feedback they usually say they'll run it by the devs and we see the results in the following updates. Things like sprint by default and mute squad options were highly requested and it didn't take them long to address. Some big bugs are still present but there are Dev updates and such to keep everyone in the loop.

    These forums on the other hand, all I see are the occasional "this week in the realm" posts which are pretty useless tbh. No sign whatsoever that they're even mildly concerned about our input.

  • @OriginalEquinox, then you've missed the other messages they've posted.

    Hi-Rez is a company that wants to build a successful business. I'd give them some credit.

    I've said what I had to say. I am done.

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    as I said, when Molly was around she sometimes was posting replies, and I'm pretty sure she was reading the forum once in a while, but since she's not around anymore I see no one, hopefully we have the forum mods who are doing their jobs and sometimes giving us some nice infos, if they weren't here I wouldn't use this official forums at all

    I play some other games, and the devs are way more active with the community, they either use forums or discord to stay in touch with their players

    plenty of issues would have been solved ages ago if they were seeing our posts^^ I mean it's weird how things get fixed or changed when they are posted on reddit but we posted the exact same thing months ago and nothing happened until someone posted it on reddit

    anyway no one can argue that our devs are more active on reddit than this official forums
    maybe we can try to count the number of replies outside patch notes / pts threads (yeah cause they do reply on those threads to investigate bugs and stuff on new updates, and they do the same on reddit so no point in comparing that) we can totally compare the activity between both

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