Please Tighten up Hit Box's

  • Your hitboxes on a lot of the characters in the game need a fix up or a better tighten. I feel like it's more of a square block instead of the curvature of the characters body. I have died so many times behind cover not because of explosive attacks but because i was close enough to the edge that I got clipped and died. Watched the kill cam and it shows me die behind an object. This could improve the game quite a bit if it were fixed.

  • @GIGVanityX Actually, I heard that EM can't change the hotbox as it would break the game. Not sure if this is true, or if it's just an excuse, but I just wanna tell you about it.

  • agreed OP. playing overwatch is a dream come true when it comes to aiming (although that game suffers from its own serious flaws) There's nothing as satisfying as killing people with McCree with those incredibly accurate hitboxes.

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