Other quests then tripple/quad kills...

  • these quests hurt your game more then you get people wanting to earn them...

    you want to battle toxicity and yet all you developers trow this into your games, that's asking people to hate other people due to involuntary killstealing, not playing the game as needed because they are farming, playing heroes they are bad with, etc.

    also these are based on chance more then anything (sure you can be that good but still chance is the number one thing you need) wich again makes toxicity increase

    change these to quests that are actualy fun and force you to play champions well... not force people to do something unnatural and ruin everybody's game.

  • Are you referring to the "3 triple kills as Maeve" one? Yeah I barely got one so far and wanted to rip my hair out one strand at a time it's so damn frustrating to do. I get double kills only to either take too long on the third, have someone steal the kill or I die.

    I'm perfectly fine with these types of challenges but it can't be locked behind specific characters like this, Maeve just doesn't have the burst or the sustain to delete full hp opponents reliably enough specially on console

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