Why always top pick and ban in ranked with or without a group?

  • Is the grouping broken or just slow play? But I can never get a group where I am in the middle or bottom. I am not high ranked by any means or really that good. So why am I constantly the top pick and banner? I play at different times of the day and days. At first it seemed like it was that way when I grouped with friends and would get an occasional middle or second pic playing by myself. But now it seems like no matter what I do. I get first pic and ban...

  • Normally the first pick/first to ban on ranked has the highest elo, when I'm on party I normally get to be the last pick because of having a low elo (the last pick guy normally has the lowest elo which it makes no wonder why there are memes about last pick viktor or last pick moji).

  • @AstroidexAdam I totally get that. But what I am asking is. I am plat 3. So why am I always top pick when I am not in a group? I haven't seen the bottom or middle in weeks.

  • @deflyloud Because not enough higher ELO are playing to form a group. Maybe 5% of playerbase is above Platin III, 95% is below, so...

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    first I think it's more based on mmr than elo, then rank has nothing to do with it, finally it's a bit random I guess, at a point you might be last pick for 15 games...
    since it's based on mmr and matchmaking it probably depends how you perfom compared to your rank and if the matchmaking expect you to carry or if it wants to see how you perform in a better rank match
    if you're often first pick then the game wants you to carry, but if you do carry a lot the game will at a point try to put you in harder matches to see if you deserve higher rank
    something like that

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    You should be happy you can pick the bans and first pick. Try asking for a swap if you don't like always playing the same role. Usually there is a willing person.

    Sometimes I get the two top pickers in a party who have never played ranked before. They proceed to ban nonsense and then lock koga and lex - sounds like TDM, right? Then the enemy gets the good stuff and the rest of us are stuck trying to do something with the cluster F they created.

    Never ranked before qualifiers should never be top picker - so IMO, yeah, it's broken.

    I'm in Gold tier when I'm top picker I'm like oh **** cause I know I've got a good chance that there are Bronze IV or V below me and the enemy will have Diamond/Masters - not joking. TangAce - I saw a Bronze V in one of my matches not long ago 😨

    I like being one of the bottom 3. I can fill, just give me a first picker that's somewhat competent.

  • I think the ranking on who gets to ban and pick first is decided by ELO. It has nothing to do with rank.

    I was Platinum 4 the other day and I was third to pick, the first guy was Gold 2.

  • Pick order is based on MMR, not ELO. It's why platinum players can pick before high diamond and get into GM lobbies. Well that and terrible matchmaking. But yea it's based on MMR, not ElO.

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