Consistent lag unrelated to network connection

  • Normally if my network is wonky I get the red connection symbol at the bottom of my screen with a question mark.
    But in this case it shows that same symbol but it is green.
    I'm playing on the correct server, and have no issues with any other games or connection.
    The lag is consistent in the intervals it happens (About every 5 seconds) which as you imagine, makes the game unplayable..

    I've asked teammates if they had similar issues, a lot of them said no but there was one other in the same match who had the same issue.

    Is there something in my settings causing this? Is it related to the games servers and only occurring with certain providers? I've reset my computer and the game several times but has not fixed it.

    Anyone else having a similar issue?

  • I realized today that my 3 year old son had actually at some point changed the internet settings to airplane mode.. so I've been playing the game in airplane mode.. xD Thanks!

  • Moderator

    Cool, glad you got it solved lol 🙂

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