Can't dislink my nintendo account! Please help

  • I had a trouble and created a double account and I requested for a delete of a bad account in hi rez, that it was linked for a nintendo switch account. Once the customer support responsed to me, they confirmed the delete. But now, in my nintendo switch I have linked that account yet, and can't play because is still linked by the old and removed account.

    Please need help. I want to play this game in the nintendo switch and I can't.

    Thanks and best regards!

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    If they didn't unlink your account for you then send another ticket. Are you unable to unlink yourself here?

  • @Borvik Can't dislink by that page. In the userpage you can link or dislink others accountos, like steam, but when you push on the nintendo dislink - button, it gives you a message saying "Yo unlink this acocunt, you have to send a message to Customer Service".

    I have just send 2 tickets and have no response yet.

    What can I do? I still cant play in my nintendo switch.

    Many thanks!

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    @RhagdeM Just send one ticket and wait, I've heard that sending more than one marks your ticket as spam or something like that.

  • Have you gotten to unlink that Nintendo account?? i’m having the same problem with my Switch and Smite. i am a new player who just bought stuff on PS4 and was hoping to cross link it with the switch and play anywhere i go but it’s not doing so and i can’t unlink it to retry. PLEASE HELP. so really wanna invest in this game but can’t do so without getting this Switch problem solved. Thank you.

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    @Chancelovelle You must send support ticket.

    And unfortunately there is no crossprogression with PS4.

    Also please don't necro old threads.


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