[LORE] Champions Relationships

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    SD is heavily linked to Io
    you can see luna near the three in the spawn
    there are things you can also see in that map with seris in shadow travel, cause it applies a tint to your screen
    you can see atlas portal and some tentacles somewhere

    yaknow the lore is better made than you think, yeah for now we gotta search hidden things, but then EM sometimes confirm stuff in streams and such, something that's not written can still be official lore

    and they think about lore when creating a map, stone keep or archives are very good exemples

  • @TangAce I meant that only SD and Bazaar are tied to Io, the other maps where a moon-symbol is aren't. Sorry for my poor english.

    When Stone Keep was made they didn't think to the lore at all. We know nothing about it. What is it, where is it, what was its purpose before it became ruined. The first map that had a slight connection with a character was Brightmarsh, but that one was just a bit. Only Archives was the first heavily lore-inspired map. They think about the lore only now, after Archives.

    Honestly, I don't trust in bits said in streams, but aren't written to anywhere. To me it means that they don't care about it, but mention it in streams to make the fans happy. Maybe I would like the info, but telling it as a side-note of a side-note...blehhh. Like Nando is gay. They could confirm it by telling a story about it, and involve the info, but nope, it was like "hmpfhmpfhmpf Nando is gay (be happy with it)".
    Also I don't watch hours lon stream for one-lines, so I know nothing about these infos.

  • As I control my chosen characters and how I play, the "lore" I have is based on my own ideals and experiences. Basically, I don't need any official lore to fully enjoy the game.

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    the moon isn't only Io, it's one of the big thing, the moon shattering is very important and not just cause of Io

    they thought about lore with stone keep and archives, first cause it's the same place, and archives has lore stuff, stone keep has hidden lore thingy we don't know much about yet

  • @LeslieShoemaker said in [LORE] Champions Relationships:

    @Gao-Shun I meant that because nothing is written, every symbols can mean anything, from a random ornament, to a emblem of someone, or a symbol from an old story. You can make whatever you want with these elements. But in the same time, the statues in Bazaar, or the sign of the Paladins/Magistrate, the pheonyx of Aico are set in stone. You can't change the meaning of them.

    It's like a foreshadow for a future story. It could be anything as the story is not yet told or nothing at all. However, these items aren't as random as you think. The models and background items were there with a connection to the whole Realm.
    They are also retouching old maps with small details.

    I don't think the moon symbols out of Bazaar or SD tie with Io at all. There are totally different nations with different folklore. Yes, they made symbols of the Moon, but that doesn't mean that they worshipped Io. You can find symbols of the Sun from the greeks to the chinese, but they didn't worshipped Ra.

    The Aztec didn't call their Sun god Ra, but both Egypt and Aztecs all worshipped the Sun so technically they were Sun worshippers...
    same thing here, in these maps, Moon is being worshipped, and Io is the Moon goddess.

    Also, in Dark Souls everything is put there with purpose, after a looong time of worldbuilding. In Paladins everything is put there because it looks nice, cool or edgy (khmRaumkhm).

    Dark Souls lore is there for the hardcore that search every nook and cranny and if we are being honest, most players aren't those. Many would just go to wiki and nod.... "oooh so that's what Aldrich is" or just link the fire without even knowing. And as you said, a looong time of world building in a series of a single player game. Paladins isn't around long enough and it's a multiplayer game.

    Paladins lore isn't as bad as you think, there are a few disjointed parts between old champions and new ones (about their voicelines) but many things have a relation with champions being in the Realm. Still far better than many other multiplayer games ( i.e : does Counter Strike have a lore?)
    EM however, doesn't go with Blizzard cinematic story telling and lack a good lore section on their game section.

  • @Conrad_Max said in [LORE] Champions Relationships:

    As I control my chosen characters and how I play, the "lore" I have is based on my own ideals and experiences. Basically, I don't need any official lore to fully enjoy the game.

    True. But we just want to appreciate the details Evil Mojo put into their champion relationships and maps.

  • How is Raum connected to Dredge, and also the other abyss champions...

    Which magistrate member released Raum?

    Just wanna know

  • @AzrielM Hiearchy between abyssal characters are unknown. We only know that Seris convinced Knife(or Knaifu) to release Raum.

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    I updated the lore chart with the latest infos we have, did I forget anything?

    I apologize but I had to use a second buck icon because of space management
    I haven't put knaifu yet because of space once again, but if I find some time to rearrange some stuff then I might add him^^' it's getting seriously difficult to put everything on one page without it getting messy af

    I hope you enjoy this updated chart 🙂

  • @TangAce Why did Buck betray Zhin? And why was he a TH member?

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    well that is a very good question and I don't know much about it, I'm gonna ask on discord if anyone has some idea about it

  • @TangAce thank you ☺

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    so apparently no one knows, we got two theories
    the first is that when the sentinels got disbanded he had to find something to do and would have joined TH, then left for whatever reason and became jenos' disciple
    the other one is the other way around, he was originally in TH but got recruted by the sentinels then joined jenos when they got disbanded

  • @TangAce I just checked the champion relationship lines...

    Boy am I confused

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    @TangAce add Raum plz, I don’t understand his lore

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    I've added him? he doesn't have clear relationships for now, probably some stuff with seris and dredge, mostly with knaifu but idk where to put knaifu lel, cuz if I put him I'd have to put the darkness and link him to so many people oh god

    not surprising ^^' did I miss something?

  • I just noticed!

    The fact that Andro, Zhin and Maeve fights for themselves also describes the way people play those three champions!

    They fight for themselves, not for their team! KEK

    Also, @TangAce I think you could add things about Raum now?

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    like what? I can't add much cause his only real relations are with knaifu and seris, and we don't even know what seris truly wants with raum

  • @TangAce
    I guess it's a good idea to wait for Tiberius.

    We know they are related as for now

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    Hey, some small info about Tiberius. I was watching the update show for season 3 and Thunderbrush said Tiberius was a monk-not your typical monk, but a monk nonetheless. And judging by his card art with him being at Ascension Peak back before getting his sword and wearing the Tau Kor monk garb like Buck, I believe his is another of Jenos' monks. You'll even see Jenos' eyes in the night sky behind Tiberius up on that mountain top in his Rising Stardom card art.
    Not sure what the relationship is to Raum though. They were fighting on Ascension Peak, but we don't have confirmation as to why.

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