Allow option to mute VGS

  • Please create an option to either mute individual player VGS or just all VGS if that is not possible. Everyday there is one match that inevitably has VGS spammers that offers nothing positive to the gameplay experience. Often 5 minutes into these games player(s) spam more VGS then shots. Then I turn Paladins off and am done with it for the day or more. It's hard too keep playing a game without the option to mute toxic players.

  • Moderator

    You can mute players, click the little chat symbol next to their name in the tab menu.

  • Are you on console or PC? for PS4 open the scoreboard, use arrow keys to hover over their names and press triangle (ult button) to mute. Remember that any ult you have is going to be used because Hirez ofcourse, so do it in spawn or before your ult is ready.

    Also it seems bugged most probably after the last update and some people refuse to get muted which is a real pain if they happen to be the toxic cunt you're trying to mute

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