• Please allow console players to chat while mid game. It sucks that I can't let people know what exactly is going on and when they chat to me, I can't let them know I understand. Trying to look through the speech shortcuts take just as long as me typing "okay" or "I got you."

    The speech shortcuts suck and I hate using them. I don't even bother with it because it's so freaking useless. They only get used when I'm bored while waiting for the round to start because I can't talk to my teammates...

  • I find that using a mic is a whole lot easier than using the VGS. I find using the VGS comparable to texting while driving - distracting.

    With that said, since the last update I can't Team Chat (voice) anymore unless I use Party Chat. I prefer Team Chat as not all team members are in my party.

  • Right? Guys with keyboards are having conversations and asking questions that I can only reply with VGS to, pre match lobbies rarely talk or have enough time to talk and most just leave after matches so the chat is useless there, in between rounds or while respawning is a good time to strategize but we don't have the option

  • Man...
    I just wish consoles asked players to play with Keyboard and Mouse for a better gameplay experiance, instead of suffering restricted gameplay.

  • @AYYDIMITRI Controllers aren't the problem here, in Apex they have a shit ton of different settings and sliders to customise things to your liking where as Paladins has two choices, can track but can't aim or can aim but can't track. And also Apex has in-game text chat on console as well. Problem is Hirez couldn't care less about our experience, as long as we buy their skins they're happy.

  • @OriginalEquinox

    I didn't even mention controlers as the issue.
    Its limitations of player functionality which is counter productive to the quality of life in the game, thats the issue.
    This is not one of those discussions about the already jank state of controlers.

    You should be able to be in a gamepad lobby, with restricted use of the keyboard for communication only, still being able to access team chat at the touch of an extra button.... sound fair?

    A controler has no hope matching the same typing speeds a Keyboard can, and for a team based game you may need to rally behind fast, precice, tactical communication.
    A slow typer will cost you the game if they take to long.
    Even small quotes like HG for high ground can be faster then the VGS system.
    Or small tactical discussion such as hold back & wreck, full dive right, split push, hold/dive a room... etc.... work better when you have a moment for it then vgs... vgs is just a few buttons and better for reactive alerts and commands.

    You need both to command a team, and you need to be quick about it. I do not feel gamepads will ever be up to it.... that said... The ability to customise vgs is pretty overdue.

  • @AYYDIMITRI said in Chatting:

    I just wish consoles asked players to play with Keyboard and Mouse for a better gameplay experiance, instead of suffering restricted gameplay.

    I don't have any issues playing with my DualShock 4. In my opinion, from experience with the last uodate, the players on other platforms seem to play just as good and just as bad as those of us playing on the PlayStation 4.

  • @AYYDIMITRI actually I've seen people use KB&M long before crossplay came out, but it was not just to type unfortunately, just like in unrestricted crossplay now whenever one of these Rambo's joined the lobby whatever team they're on wins and they stomp the other team if they're using Maeve or Cassie or someone with high DPS or mobility. It's a choice now but really unfair back then for the opposing team.

  • @OriginalEquinox

    And....What is your point exactly?
    Cause you seem to have missed mine, and gone on the kb&m stomping people subject again.

    What stance do you think I am taking here?

    All I want is to type in chat to people while ingame on console in a balenced way.... I would like to try and discuss possible KB&M issues and solutions, but I seem to have to deal with misguided PTSD that is irelevant to the subject matter.

    I'm talking about chat, I am not talking about people being able to play people with KB&M in gamepad servers... why even bring this up?

    I will state it again.
    If you had keyboard restricted in game pad lobbies to only be used for chat.
    Then you won't have Kb&m players in your lobby as their keyboard functionality is crippled, limited for chat use only.

    Unless you go to a keyboard and mouse server, which should optionally accessable on console for those who wish use a KB&M set up for their shooter experience.

    Srsly tell me where does Cassie and Maeve crusing people with KB&M factor into that?

  • @AYYDIMITRI Fine I'll explain. In your first comment you said "I just wish consoles asked players to play with Keyboard and Mouse for a better gameplay experiance, instead of suffering restricted gameplay." , Which I interpreted as you saying controllers are useless in FPS games which is why I mentioned about the game Apex Legends and their extensive customisation options compared to Paladins.

    Then you mentioned how players should be able to use keyboards to type in chat during matches to which I replied informing you that it was already possible to do so, the part about players using KB&M to get a unfair advantage was just a little venting on my part and had nothing to do with the topic, hope this clarifies things for you.

  • @OriginalEquinox

    Fair enough comrade...
    I see where I misinterperated this... I'll literally skimmed passed a few words and read it the wrong way.
    I have had a busy day...

    My initial "half hearted" comment was a push for the game to give secure advice to users to use keyboard and mouse for better gameplay experience. I was mainly thinking in regards of using the chat system and chat functions reletive to the thread. I see how it can be read differently.

    Personally I have not used KB&M on Console Paladins for a long time, my brother did for sometime on PS4 until it stopped working in game, so I am unsure of its current performance in regards to chat in game.

    There is a person here asking for options to type mid combat on console... there is no in game information in game to tell people these things are possible, the ability to communicate is some core paladins gameplay, and due to consoles not coming with a keyboard, you don't see the same ammount of communication unless you have a wizard on the mic or vgs memorised willing to do the team thing. Otherwise it is just party chat and local comms like Discord.

    It is just a pity that the current relationship between KB&M on console is jank and has issues we all know.

    You are right in saying it falls under having a better options system, at least better utilitys to customise our capabilities, Options seems to get low priority for updates compared to seige maps and half baked game modes, even though it is what is hindering serious players from playing comfortably.

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