too much stuns

  • Almost every supports have stuns, damba can spam them, furia can spam them, khan stuns you for 10 years, sure you can get a item to reduce em late game but jesus christ isnt that cancerous to get stunned every second by damba, make it a late game thing like scuttle, maybe bring back firing line and remove vortex grip

  • damba stun is infact late game, since he normally get's chronos first,

  • To be fair this all could be avoided if people buy resilience, I understand that you acknowledged that a item like that exists so why not use it? It costs less credits to buy than the rest of the other items in that tier except for illuminate. Once you get tier 3 of resilience bam all your stun problems are gone. I can understand all the stuns are be severely annoying to deal with trust me, but that is why the devs put resilience in the game.

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    @InfectedMazuken said in too much stuns:

    Once you get tier 3 of resilience bam all your stun problems are gone

    Even with resilience 2 stuns are much less annoying

  • Stuns aren't too big of a problem because you can predict when you will get stunned in most cases (Inara has wind-up time before she stuns you, Damba has a clear sound cue so you can predict when he will stun you., Ash ult gives you also enough time to react, except if there is a low ceiling above her, Furia beam, just do go into it, Vortex Grip, don't go close to Khan if you aren't sure whether it's on cooldown or not. The only stun I find really stupid is Io, because you can't predict when it will stun you, the dog can chase you down even if you are far away, and it's just really random and unpredictable, I think the dog shouldn't be able to stun)

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