We Need An Official Hero vs Hero Counter Guide

  • Im not the one to make this, but it is a glaring omission to the forums that I believe we desperately need. A guide showcasing hero counters. So often in draft, people will pick heroes that the other team already has a counter to. Its so frustrating, and I believe a guide would really help educate players on picking smarter.

  • If it flies, Viktor. If it walks, Viktor. If it speaks, Viktor.

    Serious note, it wouldn't be a bad idea for newer players, or players interested in trying out Ranked without wanting to bring their team down.

  • I don't think this can work as how each of us plays will almost always change things. You may think that you have the perfect counter to someone's choice, but there are eight other players who may change the way you play.

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    If this were overwatch I’d be inclined to agree, but most champs between their cards and play style can approach most situations vastly differently which doesn’t give any one a definitive counter, but rather they’re countered more so by your item choice and how good your aim is...

  • @Conrad_Max

    Basic Champion V Champion would suffice. The actual details and strategy and such could always come into play later. Such an example as Hitscan Champions being a bane for Drogoz and or fast Champions such as Maeve.

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    @Rauyne said in We Need An Official Hero vs Hero Counter Guide:


    Basic Champion V Champion would suffice. The actual details and strategy and such could always come into play later. Such an example as Hitscan Champions being a bane for Drogoz and or fast Champions such as Maeve.

    They can be a problem but nowhere near as bad as say pharah vs hitscanners because Drogoz at the very least has much faster air mobility even with the now nerfed wyrm jets. Using the argument “assuming the champs
    Don’t miss then this champ counters this champ” because human error is always gonna throw stuff off.

    Frankly things like tier lists and counter lists even in something that is 100% asymmetric will still not entirely be reliable because of factoring things like this.

    For example, a good victor or Liam can keep a drog or willo grounded, but a good drog or willo can also blow up a good victor or Liam if they have solid mobility.

    A BK or Pip should theoretically always lose to a drog, but either of these with good aim can still keep a good drog at bay... same argument with Stryx/kinessa vs drog/willo.

  • Because of loadout and items there isn't a situation where one character hard counters another in this game. But for some general tips.

    *Hitscans must focus airborne champions, seriously, don't be Viktor and sit there expecting your BK to deal with the Drogoz hugging the sky box.

    *CC counters mobility, if there's a Evie or Maeve bugging you or a slippery Jenos/Viktor running away all the time Tyra's molotov, Jenos void grip, Inara's warders field all are good counters as long as you use the legendary cards related to them.

    *Don't hesitate to buy items to counter one opponent, if there's a decent Seris or Sha on the other team buy illuminate, it doesn't have to be just a Skye counter.

    *It's ok to buy wrecker against Vivian, you can counter her shield by shooting her from behind or at her feet but not every character has the DPS or accuracy to target her feet so if there's a troublesome Vivian bothering you or your projectile teammates buy wrecker, she's a easy pick without the shield.

    *Learn to bait enemy abilities and ults before committing to a duel or teamfight. Example if the enemy team has a Seris+Viktor, Jenos, Terminus or any other high damage ult then pay close attention to their movements because they'll try to combo atleast once, try and stick close to your team and act like a bot till you notice them setting up a combo (usually Seris will shadow travel behind you while Viktor sets up on high ground), then run behind cover asap.

    *If you're a flank, damage or off tank and the enemy has one healer do your best to kill them even if you die in the process, your team will win the fight as long as your healer is alive and your team aren't bots.

    That's about all I can think of atm, I'll update if I remember anything else.

  • How about use of player logic and common sense...
    Writing a hero counter thead is only as viable as the skill of the player and the situations that player is put in, the ideal conditions of a fight rely on team synergy and positioning.
    Personally I think the "this character counters this one" actually causes issues with the mindset of players thinking they can get a free kill off a champ they deem weaker.
    Flashback to playing pre buffed Tyra, when they enemy just continued to dive me thinking that I was an easy kill would often cost the enemy team the game entirely due to how the players though that match up was going to end.

    The only information you should need is info from the tutorial, character, ability screen and shooting range to make your own thoughts on what is needed to fight what.
    I addmit that the games ability to teach players is piss poor, as you have people who still do not know how to buy the right items, fighting players who go online to look up the counter strats to fighting in 1v1s.
    Honestly if you need to learn most of this basic stuff then you need to play more Shooters in general, most of the games audience is a generation of gamers who did not grow up playing arena shooters, thus the basic information we are discssing here that should just be general knowledge, but it isn't.

    If you need someone else to write a list of what counters what for you specifically, then you are really failing to do your own reasearch through trial and error imo.
    Every champ strengths and weaknesses are pretty obvious, what offencive and defencive options you have avalible counter the enemy offence and defence options

    If one needs instruction on how and when to use those abilities to beat foes in a 1v1, then surely they have not had enough spent enough time reading up on champion information and observing their effects in game to hinder others in the most effective way possible.

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