I'm Dying Too Often

  • This is a rather odd topic in all honesty.

    I'm not a bad DPS player by any means. Though I am a tank main.

    I've had games where I dealt 100k damage as Sha Lin, Lian or around 80k using my newly purchased Zhin and Talus. But, I die too often.

    I've had just about enough with me finishing games with over 6000 damage per minute, but also with more than 1 death every 2 minutes. I mean, I've had a game where I dealt 140k damage, but with 15 deaths, and my friend who's partying with me and doing tank duties, died 4 times, and everyone else died less than 11 times.

    Why am I dying too much, how can I fix this if I'm playing DPS?

    Is my mindset that of a tank? Or am I just bad at surviving flanks?

  • In a firefight, if Support can't heal you as your life slips away, there is no shame in running away to get cover and heal up and then turn around to fight and kill. Many players act as if they are kamikazes and go in for suicidal runs. I always give them the suggestion I just gave you.

    Another thing is to try to stay close to your team, especially your Support.

    One strategy I use in Team Deathmatch is to keep moving from one side of a barrier/building to the other, alway keeping that barrier/building between me and the enemy while I am moving. And while moving, I am healing. Often, when I do this, when I round a corner, I'll come across the same person who was killing me and I end up killing them. With this strategy, as a Damage, I play the part of a Flank.

    In an objective game as a Damage or Support, I may be close to an objective, but I utilize the geography and enviorment as makeshift shields. As a Frontline, I try to have a symbiotic relationship with my Support to control the point and payload.

    The most important thing is to communicate and stategize with your team before going into battle. And if they will not work with you, try to do what I had suggested. If your team is bad, rely on your own personal skill and a bit of good luck.

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    try to play around walls and corners, dont stay up in the open really

    then yeah try to always have a way of retreating

    think that someone who's dead is useless, so dying is the worst scenario, even if you deal less damage, if you are alive, in the end you'll do more dmg and accomplish more
    before I was always too aggressive and dying too much, but I've learnt that it's not worth it

    even if you can finish a kill, don't do it if it'll kill you, it's okay if you trade your life for the enemy support or a tank tho, but really try to stay alive xD then it's okay to die if all your team died ^^'

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    the biggest thing ive done to improve my k.d is to know when to retreat. Know how much damage you can take, and know how much damage your opponent can deal in a quick bursty combo. Another thing is if i turn a corner into a 2v1, i dont even try to fight anymore, just get out of there and live to fight another day

  • So, general message, don't kamikaze, don't dive, and use the corners as a natural shield with infinite health.

    A general question, how do I live when I'm at low health? I mean, I don't dive, and I do retreat, but still... I get chased down easily sometimes, and gets shot to death randomly sometimes... Probably the hitbox issue, but still, how do I solve this?

  • It's hard to say without knowing which dps you play on which rank. Sha Lin is just weak. Talus and Zhin survive by proper skill using. So if you play Talus you teleport away with low heath, Zhin uses billow, ShaLin dies. I don't think there is a general way "how not to die with dps".

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    if you want to live, try to watch where your team is, if you're alone in a corner of the map it's easy to kill you, but if you aren't far from your team, if someone rush they will die, the same way you die when you dive in, cause if they want to finish you they'll have to dive in and so they probably will die

    if your team is truly bad, try to stay near someone and help them win their fights, just follow someone and you'll be the difference between him dying or living

    but ya know, sometimes (too often imo) there's nothing you can do, simply try to play as best as you can, and to die as less as you can, knowing the map helps a lot

    oh and try to stay in highgrounds as much as possible, it's always the best spot

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    Nimble helps if you're being chased a lot. Also makes you harder to hit as long as you keep moving. Depending on the champion there might be some speed cards worth looking at.

    Jump often - especially when under attack. Have you ever played Fortnite? Basically you randomly jump non-stop to avoid being picked off.

    Retreat sooner. You need to get a feel for how much you can take and still survive. Sometimes there is just too much burst and you insta-die not matter what you do.

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    jumping isn't helpful, it's easy to shoot someone jumping, cause he can't change the trajectory once he started his jump

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    @TangAce Matter of opinion. I'll keep on jumping.

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    @TangAce i agree, just moving from side to side is a really effective strafe, cant tell you how many fights ive won just because i move from left to right and the opponent cant keep up lol

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    @Koopakid said in I'm Dying Too Often:


    Strafing is used more for head on fight.

    In reality you might have a flanker aiming at you from the side so random movements in any and all directions helps with that too. Combine that with random jumping and you are much tougher to hit.

    Messes up head shots too.

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    fair enough

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    Thanks guys

    I learned a lot from your experiences (Though I am not the owner of this thread but thanks)

  • Although... Jumping into knockbacks for more height can save your life if "you know" they are going to knock you on a high ground, and not miles off of the map.
    Advice when dealing with knockback is consider what angles you are safe in when near someone with that sort of method of a potential environment frag.
    Ash at the backwall of serpants beach does this a bit.

  • Notes taken.

    Stick, Nimble is helpful, and jumping can be useful against knockback.


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    @AzrielM You have to understand that the average HP of Damages is 2300. If for example a Stryx/shalin, a Willo/Drogoz, a BK/Cassie and a Maeve/Liam all spot you and decide to all shoot you JUST ONE TIME each, you are effectively taking:

    1000+900+680+400=2980 Damage

    The only champs that have this much HP is Buck and Tanks. So as you can see, if you get caught in a bad position or overextending face to face with 3-5 of the enemy team, even if the healer manages to make it to heal you a bit you are gonna explode, without a doubt...

    This is not even taking into account the combos that champs like Cassie, Liam and Willo have for example which can even melt tanks if they’re careless...

    the problem honestly lies in people playing far too aggressive and splitting/staggering in a way that allows them to get team fired upon and very easily picked off... The healer no matter how good is not gonna be able to bring most champs back from what is effectively a net negative amount of damage to their health done in such a short period...

    If people don’t wanna explode from being team fired upon, then they need to learn to respect the enemy team and know when to push and when to just stay back.

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