October Rage Thread

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    @TangAce said in October Rage Thread:

    strix is too weak, he should deal 5k dmg per shot and 1k per pistol shot, have 10k hp infinite invisibility, 3k dmg flare, then he'll be fair and balanced

    seriously, why such a champ exist in a game other than trash cod?

    Let's make Evie a front line 🙂

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    strix is just op af, nothing can deal with him maybe except maeve and evie, he can 1v1 tanks...and it takes no skill to play him, I'm a noob strix and yet whenever I play him I feel like I'm god

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    I have just had the least fun ever in a PTS match. I had a Ying that was somehow of the few legit near worthless healers I've had (Now it might require two hands to count the legit bad healers I've had), a Skye who complained all the time and had the audacity to claim that I WAS A F***ING bot when I was the ONLY person on the ENTIRE TEAM that made any effort to actually CAPTURE OBJECTIVES (though they did do like 120k damage compared to my 75k or so (and I was playing Raum solo tank against a duo tank comp), but that's playing Debilitate Skye against a Raum and a Terminus you do the f***ing math on that and if it doesn't seem impressive at all, you're on the right track), a Strix that somehow did less damage than me against a Terminus point tank, and an Androxus that was legitimately useless.

    IMO the Ying should uninstall and the Skye deserves a ban.

  • I am a shit Cassie (seriously I can miss point blank at time) but if I am doing double digit kills while the rest of them can't (except Koa) can't even reach 5 kills, I am starting ask questions about the quality of my teammates (nope they aren't low level either)

  • Fuck You Toxic bastards

    I had a ranked game as Barik, dealt 108k damage (I repeat, 108k damage) with 52 elims

    Lost it SOMEHOW!

    Because a Drogoz who thinks he's better than everyone else (FUCKING HELL) decides to flame my Tyra friend who did 114k damage instead of playing...

    Seriously, shut up and don't queue ranked unless you're ready to be friendly

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    Last match I had 3 blasters (yes, there were 3 F***ING BLASTERS) on my team and NO HEALER, and I of course was the tank. -___- You could probably exactly how that went.

    2/4 loss, I got 2nd top damage in a team with 4 DPSES. 4 OF THEM. My KDA wasn't too bad and I did quite well considering, you know, literally not having a support.


    4 flanks, u know game's gonna be crap

  • PSA to Vivian players : DON'T FEED ANDROXUS REVERSAL !!! YOU ARE A MINI RUCKUS ULT LMB (aka her gun) GIVES ANDRO REVERSAL 2300+ dmg in 2-3 sec !

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    This was from a 15 minute game I played very recently that I LOST:


    By the way, I had THIRD TOP damage on my team. Playing full supp Grover in a triple DPS comp. Yikes... While outhealing the other support by about 40k...

    Also our Strix: "They're targeting me"
    Me: "My screen begs to differ..." (Skye was legit after me the entire game, but I was the support so I don't blame her I guess...)

    My goodness, I'm just getting a STREAK of games like these with incompetent teammates and I legit had a Cassie on the other team bullying me for no reason, being allowed to by a flanker with zero awareness. Oh and (the one after that) THIS HAPPENED:

    What in the f.png

    EDIT: It's STILL happening. Legit getting 1v5 matches almost every match today. I've had to report probably about 15 or 20 people just in the few matches I've played today that were inting (A viv with 6k damage, a 0/9/1 Torvald, and a Willo that never threw one Q on an objective... If that isn't inting, I don't know what is) or AFKed in the middle of the match... 😠

  • First Seris Quadra (if I remember well). Top heal. Top dmg in the frikin team. We still lost this ranked match -.-

  • @KicsitCsicska I feel you. Today i lost every single game on casuals over like 2 hours and finally found a decent team that was getting bursted down by talus becuz we had no real hitscan dmg dealer and somehow won finally after losing 6 long games. The Matchmaking rlly needs to be fixed and its getting me nearly tilted:V.

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    Dumb@$$ on YouTube after I say that Raum is hard countered by CC and %HP damage (which pretty much is basic fact at this point): "so Makoa would be too"
    Me: "My goodness you're stupid"
    This idiot: "You're BSing and not stating facts like I am"
    Me: "No you aren't. You're literally making the stupidest case I've ever seen to say a character is better than they actually are. in my head 'Get back to bronze ranked'"
    Me IRL: "Also take this report for trolling me with this legit nonsense."

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    PTS down? Won't join anything. Exited, tried again. same thing.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in October Rage Thread:

    First Seris Quadra (if I remember well). Top heal. Top dmg in the frikin team. We still lost this ranked match -.-

    Noob!!! You knew that was coming 🙂

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    Trying to learn Talus but my connection seems to insist on being terrible. 😑

    Edit: I know I get he's not in a good spot right now. but he's in general a ways better than Koga and really annoying for players that lack awareness.

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    and lost again due to idiot barik playing archi...how surprising

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    Why do all of the DPS players I get on my team have to be garbage like this?

    No Damage.png

    Kinessa and Cassie were just totally worthless... 😡 You can't be doing 50k in an 18 minute match when one of your SUPPORTS does twice that much PLAYING A DAMAGE CHAMPION... ESPECIALLY NOT PLAYING CASSIE... That sure as f*** looks like inting to me, I don't know about you.

    The Cassie spent a heck of a lot of time on the objective, and the Kinessa spent a heck of a lot of time seemingly going out of her way to get flanked... BY THEIR TANK.

    Then when I play DPS I get barely edged out of kills and the other DPSes who are do legit nothing when there's a low health target out of my reach, but they're RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM. I swear I'm better at DPS than most of the DPS playing morons I see in casual and ESPECIALLY ranked (it's somehow A LOT WORSE there than in Casual. Boggles my f***ing mind).

  • Very subjective opinion of a very angry player incoming - To whomever plays or God forbid mains His majesty Spamking himself - I want you to know that you are the worst kind of person. Periodt. No discussion about it. That's some of the most cancerous, annoying and rage-inducing stuff I've seen. EVER. Not only is his damage high AF, but after getting the hang of it a bit it's pretty darn easy to land. His poppy bomb can be used to both initiate and get out of fights, his grumpy bomb is literally a timed Inara ult that deals more damage and his ult is capable of killing any squishy in the game and if something survives it they're stunned up to 2 seconds and he deals more dps than a strixs sniper and is capable of hitting multiple people at the same time. To be precise it would be around 1285. thus putting the total damage he can do with his ultimate at - 5k damage. But wait - that's not all. what if he throws down a grumpy bomb right after hitting you with his ult? you're stunned again. if he's not an accelerant bk then sure you have a 1-sec window to do something if he is. Then its time to accept your fate. Stun after stun totaling the damage he can do at about 8-9k. This just seems a little bit excessive not gonna lie. His bombs also auto detonate when coming into contact with shields so - ba-bye Torvald. He isn't just effective against tanks - he's able to spam damage without worrying much about flanks since he can deal with them even when caught off guard. He's good against both flying things and walking things, things that evade, things that charge right at you. Right now at my level of play although he isn't picked THAT often, he is very good and I believe a real sleeper pick. People don't realize just how much you can do on him with such low effort into it.

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    I think I am now officially skeptical of anyone who plays Bomb King on my team. 9 times out of 10, when I get a BK for a teammate, they just feed. Like for example just last match My team lost a KotH match 398-400 because of a useless feeding, trash 7/16/1 Bomb King.... 😑

    EDIT: I have just had THREE MATCHES IN A ROW WITH A THROWING BK just before this edit. I'm f***ing serious.

  • @Dusklicious

    In SEA Bomb King players are the reverse of that... Our idiots usually play Koga

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