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  • I came here to report a bug, but the post about reporting bugs didnt say where so I'm making a forum post

    I have been experiencing semi-frequent crashes on the switch version of the game. I play daily and the game crashes about once every other day. Here are the details
    -the game crashes are almost always in round, however, I had one during champion selection.
    -the crashes very loosely to correlate to using imani's fireballs ot skye's poison bolts and not hitting a target, however it does not seem to be champion speciphic.
    -the crashes happen most frequently in spawn.
    -I get the message "software was closed because an error occured"
    -crashes tend to occur after I wake my console from sleep mode
    -re-entering the matches takes a long time. Sometimes I will get stuck on a screen showing the background to the menu, and have to restart the software.

  • Switch

    This has sadly always been the case for the switch version of the game. But i have noticed a drop in crashes since the "instant capture feature" was disabled from the switch version (still want it to come back tho)

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