Raeve Maeve in Electronica-Chests!?

  • About 1 year ago I spendet a lot of money in the game, to get the Raeve maeve skin. The skin was rare and it was something speceal. Now you can buy a Electronica chest and if you are lucky you get the skin for 400 gems. If you are unlucky you need to spend 2400 gems to get the skin. But that is not as much money as I had to invest in the skin. In my opinion, that is a joke and I just feel crazy.
    I was happy to own a rare skin but now... It isnt rare at all. Everybody own this skin now.

    Thank you Paladins

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    Raeve Maeve costed exactly 500 crystals in the old vip system. She costs like 7$ + 2 weeks of waiting.

    I don't know how you invested over 2400 gems on the skin. Heck, you can get her in the deal of the day for exactly 7$.

    I think you're just misremembering things. The only thing I can think off that costs that many gems from back then is Angelic Seris.

  • @Hexadermia After the VIP thing there was an action. You can buy something expensive (dont know what this was), to get a key. This key was there to unlock a few skins. Among other things there was the raeve maeve skin. So i bought it because i thought this is the last change to get this skin.

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    @Crashstyler33 You mean the vault key system? It should cost about 1200 crystals (or 1800 if you bought each bundle individually for some reason). You can also choose any skin you want. It's not anywhere near the 2400+ you mentioned.

    Also, there is never a "last chance" to get a skin if it's not listed as "limited." It will always appear later, I learned that the hard way with Angelic Seris.

  • @Hexadermia i see. Ty very much for this conversation.

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