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  • Afternoon Paladins ❤ Or whatever time it is where you are or when you read this. ❤

    Names Stryder as you could probably tell and myself and my community have been working on building a great overall gaming Discord with the intent of being used as a central gaming chat hub, so instead so we don't all have 50+ servers with random people here and there we can all come together under 1 area that is properly maintained and find people to play with and talk about the games we love.

    Now that the general bs is out of the way I don't know why I haven't posted here before as Paladins is ALWAYS a game that I can come back to at any time and have a blast! It's simple it's fun, and I love it ❤ So I want to extend our community to you all as well ❤ The way our server is setup is much like Reddit. We have our general chat areas for whatever, but then you can opt-in to whatever gaming role you like and then unlock that section of server for use. Much like joining a sub-reddit. That way no one is getting 1000+ pings a day for a game they don't even play or care about. But we can all still be under a single roof, make some new friends, play some games and overall just have a fun place to hang out.

    We have other aspects of the server as well. Such as

    Dank memes channe (caz life needs memes) / A music channel for people to queue music up and listen to together / And my faviorte....pokemon to catch, battle and trade across the server ❤

    All in all I want to build a community of awesome gamers who miss the good old days of things like LAN parties, and huge guilds in games, or in this case a full party of heroes stomping the other team ❤

    So if this is something you guys are interested in and we get a few people in I will gladly carve out a corner of our server just for you guys ❤ And that goes for any other game as well, if you've got a clan or a guild in something else or know a bunch of people on different servers and want to bring them all together, we're more than happy to have you along ❤ Gamer Family Server 😛 (I like the sound of it)

    4 The Love of Gaming - https://discord.gg/Z2QbNMY

    (Side note HI YETI!) << He'll get it ❤

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